„Karol Szymanowski w kulturze XX i XXI wieku"
Międzynarodowa Konferencja Naukowa – Zakopane, 1-4 X 2017
„Mózg Festival”
XIII Międzynarodowy Festiwal Muzyki Współczesnej i Sztuk Wizualnych
Uniwersytet Muzyczny Fryderyka Chopina: „Nasi laureaci”
8 października 2017
Inauguracja sezonu artystycznego
Uniwersytetu Muzycznego Fryderyka Chopina 2017/2018
III Festiwal ORGANy Plus+ 2017 w Gdańsku
Gdańsk - 11-15 października 2017
Warsztaty improwizacji dla dzieci „Opowiedz mi bajkę”
Wilanów, 30 września 2017 roku



The database NEW POLISH MUSIC is an electronic collection of data related to 20th and 21st-century Polish music. The principal source of information for this database are the publications and other collections of the Polish Composers’ Union’s Library - Recording Archive: the world’s largest, unique stock of books on Polish contemporary music (more than 5,000 vols.), a collection of scores (over 20,000 vols.), and recordings of works by Polish contemporary composers (13,900 LPs and over 1,200 CDs). The Polish Composers’ Union archives also include information about more than 500 music authors, derived exclusively from the composers themselves. This information was the basis for the Card Catalogue of Contemporary Polish Composers’ Works (developed in the 1950s and later), which in turn served as the starting point for the formation of the present database.

The database of NEW POLISH MUSIC has been developed since 1995 in co-operation with Arka, an IT company. In 2003 its internet version was made available at http://www.polmic.pl/. It includes only the basic data concerning the composers and their works. The full database may be accessed in the Polish Music Information Centre in Warsaw’s Old Town, and it includes notes on first performances, publications, dedications, scoring, and other detailed information.


Last updated inMarch 2015

Content: data on 965 composers and 43888 works.