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Marin Alsop new Artistic Director and first Conductor of NOSPR!

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

The Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra based in Katowice announces that Marin Alsop will be the new Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of NOSPR in the 2023/2024 season. Key to Alsop's tenure will be close cooperation with the institution's General and Programme Director, Ewa Bogusz-Moore, in shaping the orchestra's repertoire and further strengthening its national and international reputation.

In the upcoming season, Alsop will conduct a number of symphonic concerts, the final events of the 2nd Karol Szymanowski International Music Competition and the opera Black Mask by Krzysztof Penderecki, which will be recorded by the artists.

Alsop remains the Principal Conductor of the ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien (RSO Wien).

More: https://nospr.org.pl/pl 

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Gdańsk | Technopera - work co-created by AI!

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

Techopera 17.6.23The Technopera project is a multimedia event combining techno culture and opera, carried out in the post-industrial space of the former Gdańsk Shipyard. The premiere of this unique spectacle created with the help of artificial intelligence will take place on the 17th of June, 2023 at 19.00 at the WL4 Mleczny Piotr Gallery in Gdańsk.

Technopera is based on a libretto by Podletz (Artur Kozdrowski) and Peter Style (Piotr Wyrzykowski). It consists of audiovisual samples from popular science and science fiction films arranged in the form of a dialogue between the characters of the opera. The libretto played live by a VJ provides a choreographic and dramatic reference point for actors and musicians.

Artists who co-created the group C.U.K.T. are involved in the implementation of Technopera. The director and author of the visual layer is Piotr Wyrzykowski, the character of the Man will be played by Mikołaj Robert Jurkowski. Other artists taking part in the project are the artists from the Tri-City, also well known to the Polish and international audience. The creator of electronic music Michał Jacaszek will prepare the electronic layer of the opera, and NeoQuartet with its electric instruments will be his partner in creating the entire audio sphere of the event. The cast of Technopera is completed by soprano and performer Aleksandra Klimczak. The other characters of the opera Alien, Machine and Cyborg will be generated with the help of artificial intelligence.

Additional information: https://neoarte.pl/technopera/ 

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Warszawa | Polska Orkiestra Sinfonia Iuventus: zakończenie sezonu artystycznego 2022/2023

POSI 10.6.23Patronat medialny nad sezonem koncertowym 2022 / 2023 Polskiej Orkiestry Sinfonia Iuventus im. Jerzego Semkowa objęło Polskie Centrum Informacji Muzycznej POLMIC.

Sezon artystyczny 2022/2023 Polskiej Orkiestry Sinfonii Iuventus zwieńczy koncert 10 czerwca o godz. 19.00 w Studiu Koncertowym Polskiego Radia im. Witolda Lutosławskiego. Będzie to wyjątkowy koncert muzyki XX i XXI wieku inspirowanej dziełami epoki renesansu i baroku. Dyrygentem i zarazem solistą będzie Stefan Plewniak, wszechstronny artysta znany jako wybitny barokowy i współczesny skrzypek, dyrygent i producent muzyczny.

Trittico botticelliano Ottorina Respighiego to przywołanie trzech słynnych obrazów renesansowego malarza Sandra Botticellego ze zbiorów florenckiej Galerii Uffizi. Maurice Ravel pisząc fortepianowy cykl sześciu miniatur Le Tombeau de Couperin nawiązał do konceptu barokowej suity. Max Richter w utworze Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Recomposed sięgnął po doskonale znany programowy cykl czterech koncertów mistrza włoskiego baroku i ukazał go w całkiem nowym świetle, wykorzystując dobrze znane motywy (wg Richtera w jego wersji zawiera się ok. 1/4 oryginalnego materiału Vivaldiego) przetworzone i osadzone w nowych kontekstach. W roli solistki w tym utworze wystąpi również grająca na syntezatorze Zuzanna Całka.

Informacja o biletach: https://sinfoniaiuventus.pl/respighi-ravel-richter-zakonczenie-sezonu-artystycznego-2022-2023/ 

Composition competition ‘A work for carillon and two trumpets’

KonkursCarillonTrabkaMedia patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

The Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk announces a composition competition ‘A work for carillon and two trumpets’. The competition is open to students of composition classes at Polish music academies. The deadline for submitting scores is the 11th of June, 2023 (23:59).

Subject of the competition is composing a piece for carillon and two trumpets. Duration of the composition: 4 to 6 minutes. Each composer may submit any number of works. Competition works should be submitted anonymously.

The competition will be settled by the end of June 2023. The winning composition will be premiered during the Gdańsk Carillon Festival 2023. In addition, Head of the Academy of Music in Gdańsk funded the main prize of PLN 1,500 gross for the winners of the competition.

Rules and regulations available on the website: https://www.amuz.gda.pl/wydarzenia/konkurs-kompozytorski-utwor-na-carillon-i-dwie-trabki,1365 

Warsaw | Improvisation workshop ‘Tell me a fairy tale' 2023 in Warsaw downtown

Opowiedz 10.6.23Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

On the 10th of June, 2023 at 11.00 at the Sto Pociech Foundation at Freta 20/24A street in Warsaw the final of this year's improvisation workshops for children ‘Tell me a fairy tale’ will take place. During the classes you will be able to learn more about contemporary music and improvisation.

Classes are dedicated to children aged 3-8 and their parents. They last about 90 minutes with a short break. The workshops will be conducted by jazz vocalist and music therapist Iza Kowalewska, multi-instrumentalist Bartosz Smorągiewicz and composer and pianist Jarosław Siwiński.

Participation in the workshops is free of charge - the number of places is limited, therefore prior registration of participants is required.

Applications are accepted in two ways:

  • via online form: https://forms.gle/pVGojdEbqYDoLExV9 
  • by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Details: www.ptmw.art.pl 

Wrocław | Enigma

NFM 9.6.23Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

Jerzy Maksymiuk is one of the most outstanding Polish conductors. In the programme of the artist's concert with the NFM Wrocław Philharmonic on the 9th of June, 2023 at 19.00 in the National Forum of Music there are three works. The author of the first of them is the conductor himself, the second is one of the most acclaimed piano concertos of the 20th century, and the third - a composition by the British artist - is one of the most mysterious works in the history of music.

Vers per archi is a composition by Jerzy Maksymiuk from 2015. We will also hear Maurice Ravel's Piano Concerto in G major. The solo part will be performed by Janusz Olejniczak. The last piece will be the ‘Enigma’ Variations Op. 36 by Edward Elgar.

Press release

More: https://www.nfm.wroclaw.pl/component/nfmcalendar/event/9330 

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'Chopin – Alter Ego'. Arnold & Frączek Percussion Duo on the new Dux record

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC


There has never been such a recording before – brillant marimba and vibraphone belcanto with a touch of glockenspiel, i.e. transcriptions and new compositions by Tomasz Arnold for percussion duo inspired by Fryderyk Chopin.

The premiere concert of the album Chopin – Alter Ego (DUX 1981) performed by virtuosos Arnold & Frączek percussion duo will take place in Radziejowice on the 27th of May, 2023 at 19.00 in the New House of Art, while on the 7th of June at 19.00 the ensemble will perform in Cracow at the Wawel Royal Castle.

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Rzeszów | Jubilee concert of the Institute of Music of the Rzeszów University

KoncertJubileuszowyURz 6.6.23

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

The celebration of the Jubilee of the 35th anniversary of the scientific and artistic activity of the Institute of Music of the University of Rzeszów will be honored by a concert on the 6th of June, 2023 at 19.00 in the Concert Hall of the Institute of Music. Artists associated with the University of Rzeszów will perform: employees, doctoral students, students and graduates, as well as invited guests. Free entrance!

Additional information: https://www.ur.edu.pl/pl/kolegia/kolegium-nauk-humanistycznych/jednostki-naukowe/instytut-muzyki 

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Warsaw | 'Elektro': Electrobots

Elektroboty 6.6.23Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

During the second meeting of the ‘Elektro’ series at the Contemporary Music Space Hashtag Lab on the 6th of June, 2023 at 7 p.m., Michał Górczyński - a clarinetist, composer and performer, will present his musical robots and play a concert with them.

The ‘Warsaw Robot-Duets’ project is, on the one hand, a presentation of the capabilities of machines, and on the other, an attempt to transpose into robots the basic movement that causes sound.

The concert of Michał Górczyński and the robots will be preceded by a conversation with the artist who will reveal the secrets of the devices and software he uses. The project will be led by the curator of the cycle, Prof. Wojciech Błażejczyk.

Tickets - on the website: https://hashtaglab.pl/event/wydarzenie-bez-opisu/