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Wrocław | World premiere of Krzysztof Herdzin's “Concertina"

Event date: 2024-05-24

NFM 24 5 24Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

The highlight of the concert at the National Forum of Music on the 24th of May, 2024 at 7 p.m. will be the world premiere of Krzysztof Herdzin's “Concertina,” a work commissioned by the NFM for the LutosAir Quintet.

The piece, intended for wind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, oboe and French horn) and orchestra, was created to celebrate the ensemble's anniversary. “Wind instruments are very close to my heart (I play flute, clarinets and saxophones myself) and I definitely choose them most often as soloists in orchestral and chamber works,” the composer emphasizes.

More: https://www.nfm.wroclaw.pl/component/nfmcalendar/event/10133 

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"Szymanowski" Album Release (NFM 89, ACD 315)

Event date: 2024-05-24

NFM89 ACD315Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

24th of May 2024 will see the premiere of a new album by the National Forum of Music and CD Accord, 'Szymanowski' (NFM 89, ACD 315), featuring soprano Iwona Sobotka, the NFM Choir and the NFM Wrocław Philharmonic conducted by Giancarlo Guerrero.

The album, which is entirely devoted to the works of Karol Szymanowski, features the Concert Overture in E major, Op. 12, Symphony No. 3 'Song of the Night', Op. 27, and Songs of the Fairy-tale Princess, Op. 31. Karol Szymanowski arranged only three songs from the cycle for voice and orchestra: Nos. I, II and IV (1933); the other three were arranged by Bruno Dozza (Nos. III, V and VI (2011-2012)

More: https://bilety.nfm.wroclaw.pl/towary/index.html?cat=2 

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Warsaw | "Elektro" in Hashtag Lab: Zajwert / Błaszczak

Event date: 2024-05-24

HashtagLab 24 5 24Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

What is eco-acoustics and is it the same as concrete music? The answer to this question will be heard at the “Zajwert / Blaszczak” concert. Audiopaper “Ecoacoustics from behind the window” and wa electrifying sets will sound on the 24th of May, 2024 at 7 p.m. in Warsaw's Hashtag Lab.

Ecoacoustics is a new branch of acoustics that studies sounds and their relationship to the environment in space and time. Sound becomes both an object of study and a tool for investigating the components of the sound environment: geophony, biophony, anthropophony and technophony. During the upcoming concert, Dorota Błaszczak, who deals with ecoacoustics, will present her field recordings: she created an audiopaper based on them, “Ecoacoustics zza okna”, commissioned by “Glissando” magazine.

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Poznań | 53rd International Festival of Contemporary Music "Poznań Music Spring"

Event date: 2024-05-23

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

PoznanskaWiosna 24During the 53rd International Festival of Contemporary Music "Poznań Music Spring", which will be held at the Poznań Academy of Music on 23-26 May 2024, diverse and stylistically colourful contemporary music will be presented. The festival programme, organized by the Poznań Branch of the Polish Composers' Union and the Music Encounters Foundation, includes 13 world premieres. Admission to all concerts is free!

The festival will be inaugurated by a performance by the Bałaban Family Quartet with guest pianist Krzysztof Sowiński: the artists will premiere works by Ewa Fabiańska-Jelińska, Artur Kroschel, Monika Kędziora and Sławomir Czarnecki.

The concert on the 24th of May, co-organized by the Austrian Cultural Forum, will feature Sophia Goidinger-Koch (violin) and Barbara Riccabona (cello). The "Spring of the Young" concert on the same day will be an opportunity to hear, for the first time, works by students of the composition faculty of the I. J. Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań: Krystian Klej, Grzegorz Uran and Lidia Wysocka; in addition, we will see the multimedia project 'Soundpainting' performed by students of the class 'New improvisation projects - theory and creative projects', which was created under the supervision of composer Michał Janocha.

Festival website: https://2024.wiosnamuzyczna.pl/ 

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Generations make opera - 2024/2025 season in Grand Theatre in Poznań

logo TeatrWielkiPoznanMedia patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

Five premiere performances, including one world premiere, two festivals, special concerts and anniversaries, exceptional artists and more revivals - the theatre is already announcing plans for the coming months. The 2024/2025 season at Poznań Opera will begin at the end of September. After celebrating its return to the stage, it is time to showcase those who make it exist. The 24/25 season will be held under the slogan of Generations emphasising the continuity of the operatic tradition in Poznań.

In 2025, 115 years of the Theatre's existence will have passed, and its history - irrespective of historical turmoil and changes in the name of streets and institutions - continues, playing an important role in the lives of successive artists and audiences.

26 opera and ballet titles will be staged at the Theatre. The performances will be conducted by 11 conductors. Among the guest soloists, apart from Andrzej Filończyk, Randal Bills, Jan Jakub Monowid, Michał Partyka and Krzysztof Bączyk, we will hear Andrzej Dobber ('Rigoletto', 'La Traviata'), Monika Ledzion ('Aida'), Wojtek Gierlach ('The Marriage of Figaro') and Szymon Mechliński.

Press release

Theatre website: https://opera.poznan.pl/pl/ 

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Jan Andrzej Paweł Kaczmarek passed away...

Kaczmarek Jan A P

Today, at the age of 71, Jan Andrzej Paweł Kaczmarek (1953-2024) - a world-famous Polish composer, author of music for over seventy feature films and documentaries, winner of an Oscar for the music for the film "Finding Neverland" – passed away.

He was an autodidact in the field of composition. He studied at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań. During his studies, he collaborated with the avant-garde Laboratory Theater of Jerzy Grotowski, and then with the Teatr Ósmego Dnia, where he created the chamber Orchestra of the Eighth Day. For ten years he created music for the performances of the Polish Theater in Poznań (1978-1988).

May he rest in peace.

Photo: Szymon Kaczmarek

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Gdańsk | World premiere of Maria Trzpis' Mass

Event date: 2024-05-21

Media patronage: Polish Music information Centre POLMIC

Msza Marii Trzpis - prawykonanieThe world premiere of Maria Trzpis' Mass for choir, percussion and string orchestra will take place on the 21st of May, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. in the Church of St. Saint Barbara in Gdańsk (Długie Ogrody 19).

About 80 musicians will be involved in the performance conducted by Michał Kozorys: 'Pro Musica Nova Chamber Orchestra', solo singing students from the class of Prof. Anna Fabrello and Prof. Robert Kaczorowski, percussion students of Prof. Katarzyna Myćka and Dr. Paweł Nowicki and the choirs of the Faculty of Choral Conducting, Church Music, Artistic Education, Rhythmics and Jazz: Mixed Choir and Women's Choir "Gaudium per Canto".

Additional information: https://www.amuz.gda.pl/wydarzenia/swiatowe-prawykonanie-mszy-na-chor-mieszany-perkusje-i-orkiestre-smyczkowa-marii-trzpis,2073 

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Sopot | XX Międzynarodowy Festiwal Chóralny Mundus Cantat

Event date: 2024-05-20

MundusCantat 24Patronat medialny nad Festiwalem sprawuje Polskie Centrum Informacji Muzycznej POLMIC.

Z okazji jubileuszowej 20. edycji festiwalu Mundus Cantat wystąpi aż 20 zespołów. W dniach 20-26 maja obok tradycyjnych Parady Chórów z Ceremonią Otwarcia, koncertów towarzyszących, przesłuchań konkursowych, Koncertu Finałowego odbędą się również dwa koncerty specjalne: podczas inauguracji usłyszymy Glorię Johna Ruttera, zaś podczas drugiego - Mszę autorstwa studentki gdańskiej Akademii Muzycznej, Marii Trzpis. Wstęp na wszystkie wydarzenia jest wolny!

Podczas inauguracji wystąpią trzy chóry z Trójmiasta (Chór Festiwalowy SANS Mundus Cantat, Razzle Dazzle Choir, Chór Mieszany II Wydziału Akademii Muzycznej w Gdańsku) oraz instrumentaliści - około 100 osób. W ramach promowania dokonań młodych kompozytorów polskich 22 maja studenci gdańskiej Akademii Muzycznej wykonają utwór dyplomowy Marii Trzpis - Mszę na chór mieszany, perkusję i orkiestrę smyczkową.

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Work of Rafał Ryterski at the 70th International Rostrum of Composers in Vilnius

Ryterski Rafał

During the jubilee 70th International Rostrum of Composers, two winners of the programme were selected: Rafał Ryterski, author of the composition Totentanz for countertenor, orchestra and electronics, submitted by Programme 2 of the Polish Radio, and the young Dutch composer Thomas van Dun, author of the song Rocailles de l'après -vie… for a large ensemble.

The anniversary edition of the flagship programme of the International Music Council was held in Lithuania for the first time thanks to LRT Klasika in cooperation with the Lithuanian Composers' Union. Trybuna 2024 gathered representatives of 21 national radio stations from four continents, which submitted 39 works. The sessions were co-chaired by Gregor Pirš, music director of the Ars programme on Radio Slovenia, and IRC secretary Davide Grosso. After listening to the works, the committee selected works in two categories: general and the "young composers up to 30 years of age" category.

“Totentanz” was created thanks to a commission from the "Warsaw Autumn" Festival. The work was premiered at the Warsaw Philharmonic in 2022 by Michał Sławecki (countertenor), Adam Kośmieja (piano) and the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Vimbaya Kaziboni.

More: https://rostrumplus.net/2024/05/17/70th-international-rostrum-of-composers-laureates-announced/ 

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