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Aldona Nawrocka Polish representative at the ISCM World New Music Days 2023!

Nawrocka Aldona

The International Jury of "ISCM World Music Days" (MTMW), which takes place in South Africa this year, has chosen Aldona Nawrocka's piece QUANTUM FLUCTUATION (in memoriam K. Penderecki) to be performed on the 28th of November, 2023. This piece will be the Polish representation at the Festival.

The Polish Jury originally selected six pieces recommended by the Polish Section of MTMW for the ISCM World Music Days MTMW 2023 festival, the first ever ISCM festival organized on the African continent. The selection was made by: Anna Dorota Władyczka (president of the Jury), Leszek Lorent, Krzysztof Olczak and Lidia Zielińska.

List of all festival works available here: https://iscm.org/news/selected-works-announced-for-the-2023-iscm-world-new-music-days-in-south-africa/