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Warsaw | 15. Nowe Epifanie Festival

NoweEpifanie 24The 15th edition of the “Nowe Epifanie” Festival organized by the Center for the Thought of John Paul II in Warsaw will start on the 14th of February and last until the 24th of March, 2024. The programme is divided into three blocks: concerts, theater shows and films. The events will be accompanied by meetings with artists, admission to which is free. The theme of the anniversary edition is: "Why are you confused?"

In the Gospel of St. Luke, Jesus asks his disciples this question immediately after his suffering, death and resurrection. This year's theme focuses on illness, pain, suffering, death, and difficult situations that leave people in a state of consternation and confusion.

During the "Piosenki Zmieszane" concert (February 21), Adam Strug's songs to poems by Mickiewicz, Zacharasiewicz, Leśmian, Tuwim, Lechoń, Grochowiak and Rymkiewicz will be performed by the author and an instrumental ensemble. The repertoire of the concert "Golgotha" (March 9) by Jerycho ensemble consists of old religious folk songs about the Mystery of the Passion of the Lord. Dziczka ensemble will perform religious songs (so-called psalms), taken from recordings of authentic performers from Eastern Ukraine, Polesie, and Northern Podlasie (March 22).

Festival website: www.noweepifanie.pl