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Cracow | 36th Cracow International Composers' Festival

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Kraków | 36. Krakowski Międzynarodowy Festiwal KompozytorówThe 36th Cracow International Composers' Festival will take place on April 20-28, 2024. The main theme will be "Mathematics in music". This will also be the topic of the musicological session during the Festival.

The special guest of this year's edition will be the composer and cultural animator Jerzy Kornowicz - in the years 2003-2015 President of the Polish Composers' Union, and since 2015 Director of the "Warsaw Autumn" Festival. The 36th Festival will present works by composers from Poland, Australia, Denmark, France, Japan, Kosovo, Germany, Ukraine, the USA and Great Britain. There will be 24 world premieres and 4 first performances in Poland. Admission to all concerts is free!

Detailed information: http://festiwal.zkp.krakow.pl/ 

Prof. Marcel Chyrzyński
President of the Cracow branch of the Polish Composers' Union