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Gdańsk | 8th "NeoArte – Synthesizer of Arts"


The 8th "NeoArte – Synthesizer of Arts" – international festival presenting the most interesting trends in contemporary music and art – will be held in Gdańsk on 23-26 October 2019.

The originator of the festival that focuses on the synthesis of arts is the Tri-City ensemble NeoQuartet, winner of the Pomeranian Artistic Award of 2019. Contemporary composers create works combining video art and theater, visual artists create sound installations, theater and dance are moving towards performative art. It is becoming increasingly difficult to set boundaries between various fields of creativity, and it is becoming easier to combine them.

This year's festival will last five days, featuring nine concerts, two artistic installations, a radio play and several performances. Composition students will have the opportunity to take part in composer workshops led by the festival's patron Gwyn Pritchard, as well as performance workshops presented by Alwynne Pritchard. Children and youth will be able to participate in electronic music creation classes led by Krzysztof Topolski. Each concert is planned as a multidisciplinary performance, which makes the audience paricipate in the artistic process.

In the Gdańsk garrison, the audience will participate and co-create the premiere of the latest project of the Krakow artist Piotr Peszat – Into the Heart of Hearts (2019) for acoustic and electric string quartet, live-electronics and live-video. The finale of the festival, "NeoArte Night" in the New Synagogue, is a challenge for both the audience and performers – the 12-hour concert marathon will premiere latest works by contemporary Polish composers written for piano and string chamber orchestra.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Full programme available at: http://neoarte.pl/