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Gorzów | Winter concert – premiere of Ryszard Żołędziewski's "Tigran 2"


A winter concert will take place on 20  December 2019 at 7.00 at the Gorzów Philharmonic. As befits the Christmas season, the programme will present a full range of colors and moods: from baroque "madness", through compositions with a saxophone in the lead role and music from the ballet story of the clever Pulcinelli, to the most beautiful Polish carols.

Concerto Grosso, Op. 5 No. 12 (1729) by Francesco Geminiani is the arrangement of his teacher's, Arcangelo Corelli, violin sonata. By using a baroque form of variations called la follia (madness), where each subsequent variation is technically more difficult, and by adding a beautiful part of second violins, Geminiani created a brilliant set of contrasting solo and tutti dialogues.

The saxophone will be featured in two pieces –  Aleksander Głazunow's Saxophone Concerto (1934), in which the warm, cantilena melody and virtuoso elements highlight the extensive possibilities of one of the youngest wind instruments, and Ryszard Żołędziewski's Tigran 2 (2019), which will receive its first performance. The programme will also include Igor Stravinsky's suite from the ballet Pulcinella (1920), inspired by the convention of commedia dell’arte.

The pieces will be presented by the Gorzów Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir and the orchestra of the Tadeusz Szeligowski Primary and Secondary Music School under the direction of Jacek Kraszewski. The composer and saxophonist Ryszard Żołędziewski will perform as a soloist.

More information at: https://www.filharmoniagorzowska.pl/pl/calendar/event/1633/2019-12-20/19:00