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Warsaw | Valentine’s Day Concert at the National Philharmonic


The Warsaw Philharmonic has prepared a special programme inspired by the theme of love for its concert scheduled for 14 February 2020, i.e. Valentine’s Day.

A Cheerful Mythology in Three Acts is the subtitle of Strauss’ last but one opera – Die Liebe der Danae – which has never been staged in Poland before. Will the eponymous heroine marry Jupiter out of love, or will it rather be a marriage of convenience? Strauss spins this tale with his characteristic symphonic panache.

Right before the outbreak of the Second World War, Władysław Szpilman composed his incredibly cheerful Waltz in the Olden Style in the spirit of film music. Restored to concert programmes only a dozen years ago, Szpilman’s serious works have yet to achieve the kind of fame that the music composed four years later by Aram Khachaturian to Mikhail Lermontov’s play Masquerade has enjoyed for many years now. The five-movement suite extracted from the piece has become immensely popular.

Fredrick Delius’ opera A Village Romeo and Juliet was quite clearly inspired by Shakespeare’s play; however, instead of feuding aristocratic families, the story revolves around a dispute over an undeveloped plot of land. “The Paradise Garden” is the name of the inn frequented by the two young lovers from the quarrelling clans. The moving interlude The Walk to the Paradise Garden is one of the most beautiful examples of British music from the beginning of the 20th century.

Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story is another free adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. Public acclaim for the musical has surpassed that of other stage compositions by the same composer. The same is true of the serious music of Nino Rota, famous mostly for his film scores. Both pieces, despite their radically contrasting musical idioms, have one common feature: their authors are easily recognisable after just a couple of bars.

Information on tickets at: http://filharmonia.pl/