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„Musicology Today” 2019 – Women Composers in Poland


The 16th volume of the "Musicology Today" – a double-blind peer reviewed journal published by the Institute of Musicology, University of Warsaw and the Polish Composer’s Union, has been published. It is entirely devoted to Polish women composers.

“The present volume of “Musicology Today” contributes, on the one hand, to the global trend of ‘feminist musicology’, while on the other it provides us with a unique opportunity to present some outstanding but not always sufficiently well-known Polish women-composers. The seven papers published in the present volume include the profiles of women-composers spanning the period of nearly three centuries, from Maria Antonia Walpurgis (1724-1780) to Justyna Kowalska-Lasoń (b. 1985), a talented Polish composer of the youngest generation.” – wrote Sławomira Żerańska-Kominek in the editorial.

The main objective of „Musicology Today” is to provide an intellectual platform for international scholars and to promote interdisciplinary studies in musicology. The journal publish articles in the fields of historical musicology, ethnomusicology, music theory, and other sub-disciplines of musicology. It distinctly promotes studies on Central and Eastern European music and aims to become a leading musicological journal in this part of the world.

The publication has been financed from the funds of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education allocated for the promotion and dissemination of science under agreement 730/P-DUN/2019.

All the articles are available online at: https://content.sciendo.com/muso