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15th "Ad libitum" Festival ONLINE

Ad libitum 2020

The Polish Music Council Foundation invites you to the 15th anniversary edition of the "Ad libitum" Festival on 15-17 October 2020 ONLINE.

This year's programme was prepared with the pandemic situation in mind, with its limitations, but also new opportunities for artists, improvisers and composers to cooperate. The festival supports Polish artists no matter where they find themselves during the pandemic, as well as artists from other countries who live and work in Poland. The event brings them together thanks to new technologies and the use of tools that have been proven to function so well recently.

The Festival will feature Polish musicians specializing in improvisation (Maciej Garbowski, Krzysztof Gradziuk, Łukasz Ojdana, Hashtag Ensemble, Spontaneous Chamber Music), Polish composers of various generations (Sławomir Kupczak, Anna Sowa, Andrzej Kwieciński), who will write pieces with improvised parts for the Hashtag Ensemble's musicians, as well as French double bass player Sébastien Beliah, who lives and works in Poland, and Argentine improviser and composer Max Bober. Moreover, Polish improvisers and composers, who have been abroad since the announcement of the pandemic, staying in New York (Nina Fukuoka), Berlin (Martyna Poznańska) and Aarhus (Olga Szymula), will combine their artistic activities in a joint concert / performance online.

Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund under the "Music" programme implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance.

Full programme is available at: https://www.ad-libitum.pl/