World premiere of Piotr Jędrzejczyk's "α¹ Cap" available online

EMThe recording of α¹ Cap – the latest piece by Gdańsk composer Piotr Jędrzejczyk, which had its world premiere on 31 December 2020, is now available on YouTube at: It is the world's first piece for amplified classical guitar, seaboard and electronics.

The piece was premiered by the composer himself together with guitarist Marcin Kozioł. Piotr Jędrzejrzyk explained the idea behind his piece: "The inspiration for the creation of "α¹ Cap" for seaboard, amplified guitar and electronics were the achievements of the Gdańsk astronomer Jan Heweliusz, or more precisely, the so-called double stars of which Hevelius was one of the first researchers. A double star is a system of two stars that visually appear to be close or physically located at a short distance from each other and gravitationally interact with each other. It was the interdependence and orbit around the common center of mass that inspired me to create a duo based on some kind of analogous relationship. Hence the title of the composition (α¹ Cap is an abbreviation of Alpha¹ Capricorni, the name of one of the stars in the Capricorn constellation that forms the binary Alpha Capricorni discovered in 1659 by Hevelius). Although the title star belongs to the group of stars that are not really close to each other in the case of which there are no gravitational dependencies it was the first double star I met and that is why I put it in the title of the composition. Apart from the reference to astronomy in the sphere of inspiration the work also contains other references to the laws of physics and mathematics which applies to many of my compositions from recent years - the material of "α¹ Cap" is based on the Pean curve and the fractal principle of self-similarity. The piece was written in 2020 thanks to the financial support of the City of Gdańsk as part of the Cultural Scholarship."

Sheet music available soon at: