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Warsaw | 64th International Festival of Contemporary Music "Warsaw Autumn"

WJThe 64th Warsaw Autumn will run from 17 to 25 September 2021. This year’s edition will be immersed in space and time; in sounds, signs, and symbols. It will enable you to experience the complexity, diversity, ambiguity, and polyphony.

Thrown into deep water, we apparently not only lose weight but also orientation. Then, intense and deep feeling comes, real as touch. Immersed in space, we experience it like divergent circles on the water: from inner hearing, corporality, rooms full of sounds, the noise of streets and the city: the world resounds from many places simultaneously. Immersion in time generates a continuous „now”. We hear echoes of public life, a build-up of information material, history with its pivotal moments and formative social events.

This year’s Warsaw Autumn is composed of concerts, opera and paraoperatic forms, musical shows, installations, performances, public space action, meetings, composers’ workshops and Autumn Radio programmes. We present the works of over 60 composers and authors, with special appearances by Ash Fure, Elżbieta Sikora, and Krzysztof Knittel; 31 premieres, 18 of which commissioned by the Warsaw Autumn, in three festival bands: the main Warsaw Autumn, Warsaw Autumn Hits the Club, and Little Warsaw Autumn, as well as fringe events. We look forward to seeing you at the events – the more so as they will take place in real life, not only online. On 17 September, the periscope goes down and for a good nine days, Warsaw Autumn will submerge into the depths of intriguing sounds.

Jerzy Kornowicz
Director of the Festival

Festival Website: https://warszawska-jesien.art.pl/2021/strona-glowna