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Poznań | Händel Festival 2021

HaendelThe Händel Festival will run from 30 September to 3 October 2021 in Poznań, presenting and illuminating the work of this great composer. We will hear both orchestral fragments of his vocal and instrumental works, chamber pieces, and cantatas, as well as works by contemporary Polish composers – Maciej Prochaska and Andrzej Henryk Bączyk – inspired by Baroque harpsichord pieces.

The Händel Festival has been held in Poznań since 2009. This year's edition will feature Poznań baroque ensembles Accademia dell'Arcadia and ContrO, soloists: trumpeter Paweł Hulisz, vocalist Anna Werecka-Gryć, and young musicians associated with Poznań: organist Kamil Lis and harpsichordist Monika Woźniak. They will present works by Georg Friedrich Händel in such manner as they were performed in the 18th century. The concerts will be accompanied by a discussion panel devoted to the work and the figure of the Festival Patron.

We will also hear pieces by contemporary composers associated with Poznań: Maciej Prochaski's Tombeau de Mr L. Couperin and Andrzej Henryk Bączyk's Cyrckulacje and Fugorytmia.

The festival is financed by the City of Poznań and the Marshal of the Greater Poland Province.

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