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Elbląg | Elbląg Music Masterclass and Young Virtuoso Competition

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre

Elbląg Music Masterclass was created for young musicians who want to develop their skills under the guidance of famous instrumentalists and teachers from Poland and abroad. If you are training or are a graduate of one of the faculties: violin, viola, cello, conducting or you create a chamber ensemble together with other musicians, get acquainted with the new initiative - Elbląg Music Masterclass and submit your participation in the Courses and the "Young Virtuoso Competition" until the 31. of May 2022!

Between the 1-10th of July 2022 in Elbląg, each participant will be able to take part in individual lessons with a professor in a chosen field of study. The teaching staff will consist of instrumentalists and lecturers from renowned universities, incl. Marcin Zdunik (cello), Igor Petrushevski, Mariusz Patyra (violin), Marek Czech (viola), Anna Duczmal-Mróz (conducting), Bogna Czerwińska-Szymula (chamber ensembles). The Elbląg Chamber Orchestra will organize a number of various events tailored specifically to the needs of students of 1st and 2nd degree music schools, students and graduates of music academies from Poland and abroad. Participants will take part in courses, workshops, lectures and perform during recitals and concerts. EMM provides young musicians with the opportunity to present their skills to a wide audience thanks to the ‘Young Virtuoso Competition’ organized within the framework of EMM.

Applications: https://elblagmasterclass.pl/20-zglos-sie 

Rules: https://elblagmasterclass.pl/18-regulamin