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Laureates of the 30th 'Polityka Passports' announced!

PaszportyPolityki 23During the jubilee 30th ‘Polityka Passports’ gala, which took place on the 17th of January, 2023 at the Grand Theater in Warsaw, 11 artists of Polish culture were awarded in the following categories: film, theatre, literature, visual arts, classical music, popular music and digital culture. 

The award for young artists awarded by ‘Polityka’ is also a summary of 2022 in Polish culture.

In the category of classical music, the award was given to conductor Anna Sułkowska-Migoń, a two-time scholarship holder of the ‘Conductor-in-residence’ programme of the National Institute of Music and Dance. She received this award for ‘huge musicality, sensitivity and extraordinary joy of creating art. For the consistent work that led to international successes last year, especially the victory in the Paris La Maestra competition.

More - on the website: https://www.polityka.pl/tygodnikpolityka/kultura/paszporty