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Radom | 4th National Wind Instruments Orchestras Conference

KonferencjaOrkiestrD 23Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC

The Clinic of Brass Bands invites lecturers, speakers and composers who want to present their new compositions for brass band in Radom on March 24-26, 2023 to participate in the 4th National Wind Instruments Orchestras Conference.

Works must be written for a brass band or concert brass band. Composers sharing a work that will be selected will have the opportunity to participate, on the day of its performance (in part or in its entirety), both in the ‘reading session’ and in other lectures of the conference. Composition submissions will be accepted until the 31st of January, 2023.

Link to submit works for Reading Session - composers: https://forms.gle/xbxkJS9tyxTDGd357

The main topics discussed at the conference will be i.a. presentations of technological innovations, copyright, improvisation in a brass band, transcriptions and arrangements for a brass band and new repertoire. Following workshops have been planned: conducting, composition and arrangement, etc. The deadline for submitting lecturers' applications is the 15th of February.

Link to submit lecturers' applications: https://forms.gle/dt3gjKR9gDfayLpz6 

Participation in the conference for qualified lecturers and composers is free of charge.

Submissions of listeners will be accepted from the 15th of January, 2023 on the website www.okod.pl

More: www.okod.pl 

Więcej: https://okod.pl/