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Tadeusz Paciorkiewicz: 20th death anniversary
19 marca 2018, Warszawa
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21 March 2018, Warsaw
4th Malopolska Academy of Talents
1–8 July 2018, Łącko
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27-28 marca 2018, Bydgoszcz


Women’s Year in Great Theatre in Poznań

MaddalenaIn January, Teatr Wielki im. Stanisława Moniuszki w Poznaniu (Great Theatre in Poznań) will commence a new season – Women’s Year. During the entire year 2011, ten new opera performances will be staged, each of them telling a story of a different protagonist. Not only will the producers present romantic operas, showing such well-known performances as Tosca or Turandot, a huge open-air performance which will be directed by Michał Znaniecki, but also other operas, which are not so popular in Polish theatres, will be presented. The theatre will also put on some completely new performances. Not later than in February [this year], the theatre will stage the world première of Pasqual’s Ophelia, the composition of which was ordered by the theatre. Women will also appear among the producers – Lady Makbet of the Mtsensk District will be directed by Barbara Wysocka and Sleeping Beauty (Śpiąca Królewna) - by Zofia Downat.

As there is a huge need of stimulating the activity of women circles, the premières will be accompanied by debates, meetings and workshops. The partners who have already started to cooperate with the Theatre include: Stowarzyszenie Kobiet KONSOLA (KONSOLA Women Association), Centrum Praw Kobiet (Women Rigths Centre), Towarzystwo Amazonki (The Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Association), „No Women No Art” Festival, Stowarzyszenie Kongres Kobiet (Women’s Congress Association). During the debate, in which the invited guests will take part, the participants will discuss the methods of fighting against depression and dealing with aggression. They will also learn how to develop themselves and build up self-esteem.

The first première, to commence the season, will be Maddalena by Sergei Prokofiev, with stage management and setting by Tomasz Cyz. The opera will be performed on the Drabowicz chamber scene. The action of the opera takes place in fifteenth-century Venice. The protagonist, Maddalena, cheats on her handsome husband with a disgusting alchemist. When the truth comes out, Gennaro and Stenio decide to kill Maddalena, however, she turns the men against each other and they kill each other in a duel while half-demonic and half-angelic Maddalena is watching their fight without any emotions. The première will take place on January 22nd 2011, at 7.30 pm, with management and music compilation by Francesco Bottigliero, direction and stage setting: Tomasz Cyz and direction of the choir by Mariusz Otto.

The media patronage over the Women’s Year in Great Theatre in Poznań has been taken, among others, by Polish Music Information Centre.

reż. Tomasz Cyz. Premiera 22 stycznia 2011, godz. 19.30