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Polish Composers' Union towards the plan of liquidation of the Lublin Philharmonic


The Polish Composers' Union strongly opposes the plans to transform the Lublin Philharmonic into an opera house. This move would mean the actual liquidation of the Lublin Philharmonic with its long tradition, in favor of establishing an opera - an institution of dubious artistic value and a future difficult to predict.

The Polish Composers' Union brings together composers and musicologists, among them eminent authors of opera and its experts, having factual and functional knowledge of both philharmonic ensembles and opera theaters - their history and present. We object to both the unrealistic plan to establish an opera theater and the fact that it is to be done at the expense of the philharmonic ensemble. The way in which we learn about these advanced plans and the lack of substantive debate, environmental consultations and expert concepts on this matter are astonishing. In such circumstances, the plans of the Lubelskie Voivodship self-government give the impression of unjustified, amateur greed.

dr Mieczysław Kominek
President of the Polish Composers' Union