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Warsaw | Improvisation workshop ‘Tell me a fairy tale' in Wesoła

Opowiedz 19 11 23Media patronage: Polish Music Information POLMIC

The Polish Society of Contemporary Music invites children aged 3-8 with their parents to free improvisation workshops ‘Tell me a fairy tale’, which will take place on the 19th of November, 2023 at 11.00 at the ‘Pogodna’ Center for Creative Activities - a branch of the Wesoła Cultural Center (Jana Pawła II 25, Warsaw). The plan includes a lot of music, improvisation, playing instruments and having fun.

The workshops will be led by improvisers: Leszek Lorent (percussion instruments), Małgorzata Kołcz (double bass) and composer Jarosław Siwiński (synthesizer).

Details: www.ptmw.art.pl  and https://fb.me/e/1bUgcz3qg