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Kraków | Krzysztof Penderecki in Memoriam: Students and Friends in Tribute to the Master

SCA unique concert of Sinfonietta Cracovia dedicated to the memory of Krzysztof Penderecki on his 88th birth anniversary will be held on 25 November 2021 at 7.30 p.m. at the St. Florian's Basilica in Krakow. The orchestra under the baton of Jurek Dybał will present pieces by Professor's friends and students: Joanna Wnuk-Nazarowa, Mladen Tarbuk, Marcel Chyrzyński and Jeajoon Ryu.

Krzysztof Penderecki, for over 60 years associated with the Academy of Music in Krakow, bearing his name today, educated many outstanding composers. Among his students were Marek Stachowski, Stanisław Radwan, Joanna Wnuk-Nazarowa, Abel Korzeniowski, and graduates of doctoral studies: Zaid Jabri and Karol Nepelski.

The concert will open with a piece by Marcel Chyrzyński, who studied instrumentation with Penderecki. Dedicated to the Master, Adagio for strings is a suggestive and gloomy work commissioned by the Silesian Philharmonic in the framework of the #stay at home and create! project, organised together with PWM Edition. In the last fragment, the composer refers to the Adagio movement from Penderecki's 4th Symphony "Adagio". Sinfonietta per archi is another piece dedicated to Penderecki, written by the Korean composer Jeajoon Ryu, who studied under the composer until 1995. Tombeau de Penderecki, a four-part musical homage paid to Penderecki by the Croatian conductor and composer Mladen Tarbuk, alludes to the French tradition. Joanna Wnuk-Nazarowa's Quintetto per archi in the version for string orchestra (2021) is also dedicated to Krzysztof Penderecki, who was the composer's teacher until 1974.

At the end we will hear Penderecki's two-movement Serenade for string orchestra (1996-97). It consists of Passacaglia (marked as part II) and melodious Larghetto (part III). The composer wrote the pieces for Lucerne Festival Strings and dedicated it to the ensemble's conductor – Rudolf Baumgartner.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Free tickets to be booked by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

More information: www.sinfonietta.pl 

Gdańsk | 7th "New Waves" Contemporary Music Festival

ZKPChamber music will dominate the programme of the 7th "New waves" Contemporary Music Festival, which will be held on 22-27 November 2021 at the Baltic Culture Centre and the Stanisław Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdańsk.

Chamber music owes its populatiry not only to the greater mobility and flexibility of small instrumental and vocal ensembles, but also to the demand of composers, inspired by experiments with the human voice and instruments. Some artists explore already known combinations, others write for unconventional sets of instruments and obtain surprising results by exploiting the difference in the mobility of voices or instruments, separate characteristics of their tuning, specific sound in individual registers and different acoustic conditions. The collaboration between a composer and a chamber musician is usually very personal and specific; the performer, who knows his instrument very well, sometimes becomes a co-creator of the piece.

This year's festival will feature both pieces for classical ensembles (oboe and piano, flute and piano), and those for unusual combinations of instruments (accordion and harpsichord, accordion and string quartet, various types of flutes). The final concert will be performed by an excellent Gdańsk vocal octet, Art'n'Voices. The programme of the Festival will highlight performers and composers from Gdańsk and Pomerania. Traditionally, debutants will perform alongside renowned artists. For the seventh time, new music will be presented at the Old Town Hall and the Gdańsk Music Academy, brightening dark November evenings.

Co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund as part of the "Music" programme implemented by the National Institute of Music and Dance.

Admission to all concerts is free!

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Full programmehttps://2021.nowefale.pl/ 

Warsaw | 3rd 'Eufonie' International Music Festival of Central-Eastern Europe

EufonieThe 3rd 'Eufonie' International Music Festival of Central-Eastern Europe, organised by the National Centre for Culture with funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, will take place on 19–27 November 2021. The unique features of the Eufonie Festival are, on the one hand, drawing from tradition and, on the other hand, presenting completely new, previously undiscovered sounds.

The idea of the festival is to popularize the cultural heritage of most countries known today as Central and Eastern Europe. This area is an extremely interesting melting pot whose complexity can be discovered through the variety of the presented compositions and artists. The Eufonie Festival features music of different eras and styles. The director of the festival is Prof. Rafał Wiśniewski, and the chairman of the Programme Council – Dr Mieczysław Kominek, president of the Polish Composers' Union.

This year’s edition of the festival will focus on the Romantic period, in which, in addition to new forms and genres, it was the composers’ interest in native folklore that was of utmost importance. The nine festival days will be filled with fourteen events, and the stage will be given to such outstanding performers as Veriko Tchumburidze, Janusz Wawrowski, Anastasia Kobekina, Olga Pasiecznik, Adam Bałdych, Urszula Kryger, Anu Tali, Zsolt Nagy, Olari Elts or Oval. The recital of Tomasz Konieczny will begin with Blessed Raspberry Songs, Op. 43 by Henryk Mikołaj Górecki to the words of the literary patron of the year 2021, Cyprian Norwid. Pianist Anna Górecka will join forces with the Bogdan Warchal Slovak Chamber Orchestra in performing her father's Concerto for harpsichord (or piano) and orchestra, Op. 40. The Festival will also featurethe world premiere of Adam Bałdych's Górecki Transformed – original interpretations and improvisations on Henryk Mikołaj Górecki’s string quartets commissioned by the National Centre for Culture, as well as Markus Popp and Jacek Sienkiewicz's interpretations of samples of the Polish Radio Experimental Studio.

The last festival concert will take place on 5 December at 7.30 p.m. at the Royal Castle. It will be a recital of Olga and Natalia Pasiecznik, which, due to the health condition of one of the artists, could not be held on the original date of 21 November. The programme includes songs by Mykola Łysenka, Wiktor Kosenko and Jean Sibelius.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Programme: http://eufonie.pl/ 

Katowice | 9th Festival of Premieres at NOSPR – November premieres!

NOSPRPremieres of new works by Polish composers will take place on 20, 22 and 26 November 2021 at 7.30 p.m. during the 9th edition of the Festival of Premieres at the NOSPR. The organisers invite you to jointly discover the latest musical works of our composers!

On 20 November, the Camerata Silesia Katowice City Singers' Ensemble conducted by Anna Szostak will perform Krzysztof Wołek's Paradiso for mixed choir and live electronics (with the composer), Romuald Twardowski's Sacrum – Profanum for mixed a cappella choir, Aleksander Nowak's Hevel for mixed chamber choir and Paweł Łukaszewski's Christus Vincit for 2 mixed choirs and organ (with Michał Goławski at the organ).

On 22 November, we will have a chance to experience an extraordinary event under the supervision of the director Pia Partum – the premiere of a unique radio play How to say it ... by Tadeusz Wielecki for soprano, two actors, chamber orchestra and electronics. The musicians of the New Music Orchestra and great soloists: soprano Joanna Freszel, actors – Jędrzej Wielecki and Matylda Damięcka, and Barbara Okoń-Makowska on electronics will take us into the musical world of Tadeusz Wielecki.

On 26 November, the world-famous Klangforum Wien ensemble conducted by Titus Engel will premiere PhonoPhantomatics – a piece by Cezary Duchnowski for an instrumental ensemble and live electronics inspired by the works of Stanisław Lem, and 3x3 by Agata Zubel for 9 instruments. As the composer points out, "Three times three, words – phrases – contexts, are a form that predicts development".

Co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund as part of the "Composing Commissions" programme implemented by the National Institute of Music and Dance.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Ticket Informationhttps://nospr.org.pl/pl 

Oświadczenie Pana Lecha Dzierżanowskiego, prezesa Fundacji Piąta Esencja, która zamówiła utwór u Pawła Szymańskiego z myślą o wykonaniu na festiwalu Eufonie

SzymanskiW związku z oświadczeniem Pawła Szymańskiego umieszczonym na blogu Doroty Szwarcman, a także publikacją artykułu pióra Anny S. Dębowskiej Eufonie. Paweł Szymański ocenzurowany w internetowym wydaniu „Gazety Wyborczej”, jako Prezes Fundacji Piąta Esencja oświadczam, co następuje:

1. Fundacja Piąta Esencja zamówiła 16 grudnia 2019 r. u Pawła Szymańskiego Koncert na flet i orkiestrę dedykowany Łukaszowi Długoszowi z myślą o wykonaniu na festiwalu Eufonie w 2020 r. Honorarium kompozytora zostało sfinansowane przez MKiDN z środków programu Zamówienia kompozytorskie (48.000 PLN ) oraz Funduszu Promocyjnego ZAiKS (12.000 PLN).

2. Kompozytor dostarczył partyturę we wrześniu 2020 r. do siedziby Fundacji. Partie głosów wraz z nagraniem zostały przekazane do NOSPR. O fakcie dołączenia do głosów partii nagrania nie zostałem przez kompozytora poinformowany. Zgodnie z umową kompozytor otrzymał wynagrodzenie za swoją pracę.

3. Z powodu pandemii festiwal Eufonie w 2020 r. został odwołany.

4. Ponieważ nie było możliwości wykonania kompozycji w 2020 r. Fundacja Piąta Esencja rozliczyła się z IMiT (który był operatorem programu zamówienia kompozytorskie) na podstawie partytury (do której nie była dołączona taśma – kompozytor dołączył taśmę tylko do głosów).

5. Kompozytor wprowadził zamawiającego i wykonawców w błąd, utajniając swój polityczny koncept w treści partytury. Do partytury nie została dołączona kaseta. Zamawiający nie został poinformowany przez kompozytora, że obok ustalonego składu znajduje się w nim partia taśmy. Taśma zawiera zmultiplikowane i przetworzone elektronicznie nagranie wypowiedzi prominentnego polityka, w trakcie którego pada strzał z pistoletu, co przemilczał kompozytor w swoim oświadczeniu. Użycie taśmy nie było uzgodnione z zamawiającym i zmienia charakter dzieła planowanego jako koncert instrumentalny przekształcając je w prowokację polityczną kompozytora. O tym fakcie nie wiedziała również ani dyrygentka, ani solista, którzy nie mogli na podstawie partytury zorientować się w rzeczywistej wymowie dzieła. Ten fakt właśnie, a nie treść przesłania był powodem decyzji o wycofaniu dzieła z festiwalu. Decyzja ta została podjęta przeze mnie, Prezesa Fundacja Piąta Esencja, która zamówiła ten utwór u kompozytora i dysponuje prawem do jego wykonania do dnia 30 listopada 2022. Fundacja uzgodniła swoje stanowisko z organizatorami festiwalu – Narodowym Centrum Kultury, oraz z wykonawcami koncertu (orkiestra NOSPR, dyrygentka Anu Tali i solista – Łukasz Długosz).

6. Dlatego decyzja o odwołaniu wykonania jest autonomiczna i wynika wyłącznie z faktu wprowadzenia Fundacji w błąd przez kompozytora (dostarczenie utworu, który kompozytor sam w swojej wypowiedzi określił jako przekaz o charakterze politycznym). Decyzja nie ma nic wspólnego z cenzurą.

Read more: Oświadczenie Pana Lecha Dzierżanowskiego, prezesa Fundacji Piąta Esencja, która zamówiła utwór u...

Kraków | Polish Patriotic Song Competition "Every Pole Plays and Sings for Poland"

Dom HarcerzaThe 2nd edition of the Polish Patriotic Song Competition "Every Pole Plays and Sings for Poland" will be held in a stationary mode on 20-21 November 2021.

The aim of the competition is to cultivate the cultural heritage, broaden the knowledge of Polish musical culture and cultivate the tradition of performing Polish patriotic songs together. The competition is organised by the Youth House of Culture "Dom Harcerza", "Debiuty" Song Studio and "Canzonetta" Voice Emission Studio. The event is co-organized by the Council and the Board of the V Krowodrza District. The honorary patronage over the event was taken by the Institute of Musicology of the Jagiellonian University and the Krzysztof Penderecki Academy of Music in Krakow.

Last year the contest was organised online and its popularity exceeded the expectations of the organisers. A total of 734 participants took part in the competition, supervised by 297 teachers. 12,816 votes were cast in the vote for the Audience Award. The competition recordings lasted a total of 26 hours. This year's edition is planned in a stationary mode, in compliance with the sanitary regime.

Soloists, vocal ensembles, instrumental ensembles and vocal-instrumental ensembles may enter the competition. Participants can compete in three age groups: younger (6-8), middle (9-12) and older (13-18).

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

More information: https://www.mdk-dh.krakow.pl/konkursy/1025-konkurs-piosenki-patriotycznej-2021 

Warsaw | Polish Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra: Concert in memory of Prof. Piotr Baron

POSI The programme of the Jerzy Semkow Polish Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra's concert on 20 November 2021 at 7 p.m. at the Witold Lutosławski Polish Radio Concert Studio will feature a unique Silesian accent in the form of a musical tribute to Prof. Piotr Baron, an outstanding researcher who popularised the music of his region, a respected pedagogue (who lectured, among others, at the State Higher Vocational School in Nysa), the founder and director of the Silesian Composers’ Festival, and a conductor, organist, composer and art therapist, whose premature death on 24 July 2020 was mourned by the regional and national musical community.

The annals of music history include many aristocrats who were gifted with true musical talent and highly valued as composers, including Count Bolko von Hochberg, born into a powerful family that for centuries ruled vast estates in Silesia, among them Książ Castle. In his time, he was a respected author of operas, songs and chamber works (published under the pseudonym Johann Heinrich Franz), who also held important positions, incl. as Intendant of the Royal Theatre Institute in Berlin. His now somewhat forgotten work, maintained in the late-Romantic spirit, is being rediscovered thanks to the efforts of his family and Polish musicologists. A contemporary performance of his Piano Concerto in C minor will be interpreted by respected pianist and chamber musician Zofia Antes, who performs in Poland and abroad and works, among others, at the Institute of Music of the University of Warmia and Mazury.

The Jerzy Semkow Polish Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra conducted by Marek Wroniszewski will also perform Felix Mendelssohn's Overture to A Midsummer Night's Dream, Op. 21 and Johannes Brahms' Symphony No. 1 in C minor.

Piotr Maculewicz

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

More information: https://sinfoniaiuventus.pl/

Gdańsk | Concert to Celebrate the Year of Mieczysław Fogg

FoggIn 2021, the Open Theatre in Gdańsk celebrates its 25th anniversary. On the occasion of the Year of Mieczysław Fogg, the institution organises a concert to celebrate his 120th birth anniversary. The concert will be held on 20 November 2021 at 6.00 p.m. at the Artus Court in Gdańsk.

Mieczysław Fogg was the most popular performer of the evergreen To ostatnia niedziela (The Last Sunday, 1935). During the upcoming concert, Jerzy Petersburski's piece will be performed in Hebrew. The programme will also include other well-known pieces from the repertoire of Mieczysław Fogg, composed by Henryk Wars, Władysław Daniłowski, Stanisław Ferszko, Julian Front, Artur Gold, Zygmunt Karasiński, Szymon Kataszek, Albert Harris, Zygmunt and Adam Lewandowski.

The concert will be performed by Dariusz Wójcik – a singer awarded with the honorary distinction "Złoty Liść Retro" (Golden Leaf Retro) 2013 by the Fogg Family in recognition of his artistic merits and achievements, as well as for maintaining traditions and popularising the works of the interwar period. In 2020, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage awarded Dariusz Wójcik with the Medal for Merit to Culture – Gloria Artis. The soloist will be accompanied by Cuarteto Re! Tango ensemble composed of: Paweł A. Nowak (bandoneon), Łukasz Perucki (violin), Paweł Zawada (piano), Sebastian Wyszyński (double bass).

Co-financed by the City of Gdańsk.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

JOIN: Facebook Event

Katowice | Anu Tali at NOSPR

NOSPRLudomir Michał Rogowski and Dora Pejačević will be the heroes of the next subscription concert at the NOSPR Concert Hall on 19 November 2021 at 7.30 p.m. The legacy of these two outsiders has only recently come back into favor with music lovers.

Ludomir Michał Rogowski was fascinated by psychology, the occult and Indian philosophy, worked with theatres, and produced his own literary works. Dora Pejačević was fluent in five languages, studied musicological, philosophical and political texts, and read classics in the original language. The output of both these indomitable turn-of-the-century personalities long remained forgotten.

The experimental musical language of Rogowski, a Lublin-born composer for whom Slavic culture possessed more links to the ancient East than to the West, failed to win approval in Poland, and the composer spent a considerable part of his life in a monastery in sunny Dubrovnik. There he wrote his Impressions of Dubrovnik, which will be performed during the concert. Although brought up in the family palace, Pejačević, who composed the first Croatian works for orchestra, took a critical view of the aristocracy, for which the sole concern was losing a game of bridge. A self-taught composer, she nursed wounded soldiers during the war and, seeing her relatives’ indifference to the suffering of her compatriots, abandoned the social elite for good. Her wartime experiences inspired her Symphony in F sharp minor, Op. 41, considered to be the first established Croatian symphony work.

That evening the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra will be conducted by the outstanding Estonian conductor Anu Tali. Editor Jakub Puchalski (Polish Radio Chopin) will discuss the pieces performed under her baton before the concert, at 6:30 p.m. in the NOSPR chamber hall.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Ticket Information: https://nospr.org.pl/pl/kalendarz/nospr-anu-tali