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Philharmonia Quintet

działający pod egidą Stowarzyszenia Artystycznego Horizon w Krakowie


phone (+48 12) 346 10 93

fax (+48 12) 633 99 01


e-mail: horizon@horizon.art.pl

www: www.philharmoniaquintet.pl

  • Zbigniew Witkowski - flute
  • Paweł Nyklewicz - oboe
  • Janusz Antonik - clarinet
  • Mirosław Płoski - horn
  • Wojciech Turek - bassoon

The Philharmonia Quintet (wind quintet), now under the auspices of the Horizon Art Society, is an ensemble established by the members of the Cracow Philharmonic Orchestra. Among them, Janusz Antonik, Mirosław Płoski, and Wojciech Turek, teach simultaneously at the Cracow Academy of Music.

The repertoire of Philharmonia Quintet covers a wide range of musical literature from the Classical era to the 20th and 21st century. The ensemble focuses especially on Polish contemporary music, often performing less known works, such as Dry Pieces of Marcel Chyrzyński (a work dedicated to Philharmonia Quintet). One of the important aspects of the ensemble’s activity are chamber music performances combining strings, winds and piano. Such projects were realized in cooperation with the Horizon Ensemble, Amar Corde String Quartet and with eminent pianists: Waldemar Malicki, Arkadi Zenziper, Rafał Łukaszewski, Mirosław Herbowski and Mariola Cieniawa.

The instrumentalists of the Philharmonia Quintet have taken part (as individuals or as an ensemble) in such festivals and musical events as the Cracow Chamber Music Festival (the following editions: 20th Century Classics and Avant-garde, Music Europe, Romanticism), the Days of Grażyna Bacewicz, Music in Old Cracow, the Days of Cracovian Composers, the Music and Architecture Festival in Toruń, a Musical Autumn in Przemyśl, Tyniec Organ Recitals, the National Contemporary Schools in Cracow, The Cracow Radio’s Summer Concert Series, and finally — the prestigious Usedomer Musikfestival (including a live broadcast through DeutschlandRadio Berlin) and Schubertiaden Schnackenburg (Germany).

The new CD Jewish Roots (2006) showcases works from the classical repertoire written by Jewish-born composers and composers influenced by Jewish culture. The album, released by the Medialogic Company in Cracow, features works by such well-known artists as Darius Milhaud and Samuel Barber (recorded in Poland for the first time), Czech composer Štěpán Lucký (Polish premiere), and the prominent American composer of the young generation, Robert Paterson (world premiere recording).



Jewish music is not just klezmer music – a fact realized on Jewish Roots, the newest album from the Cracovian group, Philharmonia Quintet. Here, one will find works either by Jewish composers or linked in some way to Jewish culture. Both the choice of the repertoire, as well as its performance, make every second of the recording absorbing. It's a breath of fresh air that has been absent for so long on the Polish phonographic market.
Paweł Kudroń, Jewish Roots – Philharmonia Quintet (Telewizja Polska TVP3 Cracow, 11 September, 2006 – Internet service and telegazette; complete review on air)

The entire album [Jewish Roots] contains good works of music which are however demanding for the performers. Philharmonia Quintet turned out to be an ensemble of virtuosos. It is worth to remember them: Zbigniew Witkowski (flute), Paweł Nyklewicz (oboe), Janusz Antonik (clarinet), Mirosław Płoski (French horn) and Wojciech Turek (bassoon). They are an excellent, ambitious, and let me say – courageous ensemble that promotes less known but highly valuable repertoire. I recommend the album not only to connoisseurs but to all music lovers, especially since the interpretation is excellent.
Prof. Marian Fuks, Jewish Roots in "Słowo Żydowskie – Dos Jidisze Wort" 2007, No. 5/6/7

On this CD, among pieces frequently performed by wind quintets [is] Wind Quintet composed two years ago by Robert Paterson, a thirty-six year old American composer. The piece consists of four movements and is written with great imagination. What is interesting is that the composer interweaves a mix of quotations from popular American TV shows… The last movement is entitled Klezmeshugeh, meaning klezmer variations, and is full of energy. Philharmonia Quintet plays this difficult and brilliant work excellently. It will be the first performance of Robert Paterson's quintet in Poland during the concert in Cracow.
Agnieszka Malatyńska-Stankiewicz, "Dziennik Polski", 31 August, 2006

The second piece is the Wind Quintet (2004) by Robert Paterson, a gifted young American composer. The work is technically extremely difficult and includes many interesting ideas, like for example a mix of quotations from popular American TV shows, humorously interweaved into musical narration; programmatic references (musical illustration of Salvador Dali's painting Persistance of Memory), and real rhythmic madness in the last movement, Klezmeshugeh, meaning variations on a klezmer theme.
"Ruch Muzyczny" no. 19, 2006, p. 5, Philharmonia Quintet member Mirosław Płoski interviewed by Julita Kosińska in What's The News