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Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne PWM

Dział Promocji, Al. Krasińskiego 11 A

31-111 Kraków

phone (+48 12) 422 70 44

fax (+48 12) 422 01 74


e-mail: pwm@pwm.com.pl

www: www.pwm.com.pl

The oldest and largest music publisher in present-day Poland, set up in 1945, for many years - the only music publisher in the country. During its 64 years of activity, it has published an enormous number of scores of Polish works, both contemporary and from earlier periods, as well as books on music history and theory. Apart from books by Polish authors, it has also published translations from other languages as well as foreign language versions of Polish writings. For several years, PWM has also released CDs with Polish music. Of Polish contemporary composers, only a few have found other publishers abroad or among the recently founded new Polish companies. The vast majority of eminent artists have been published by PWM, a situation which still continues. PWM Edition also brings out scores by a small number of foreign composers.