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Filharmonia Częstochowska im. Bronisława Hubermana

ul. Wilsona 16

42-202 Częstochowa

phone (+48 34) 324 43 05

fax (+48 34) 324 42 30

phone/fax (+48 34) 324 34 37

e-mail: filharmonia@filharmonia.com.pl

www: www.filharmonia.com.pl

Managing Director: Ireneusz Kozera
Artistic Director: Adam Klocek

First official symphonic concert took place on 2nd March 1945 in The Częstochowa City Theatre. Soon the orchestra became independent and got its own seat placed Dąbrowski Street for twenty years. Since 1954 started attempts to build a brand new concert hall (30% of money derived from people of Częstochowa). In 1965 the orchestra moved in its new venue – on Konkielów Street (today: Wilson Street) named The House of Culture “Philharmonic Hall”. From this time to Częstochowa have come renowned musicians, conductors and foreign orchestras, for example Chamber Music Orchestra from Lausanne and The Symphonic Orchestra of Moscow.

Besides symphonic concerts, chamber music concerts, education ones, the orchestra was a host and an organizer of three music festivals: Jeunesses Musicales "Pro Musica", The Polish Violin Festival and The Youth Music Festival. First two of them was continued for years. In 1976 when The Voivodeship of Częstochowa started exist and the orchestra got name The Philharmonic then there was more number and forms of concerts. Almost every kind of music was played (symphonic, popular, chamber music, recitals). Musicians of the orchestra played also in small esembles. Very important question for The Częstochowa Philharmonic – now and before – is education by music. We organize concerts for children and young people in our concert halls and beyond the Philharmonic in schools. The Orchestra has toured to European countries: Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Italy, France and Germany. In 1984 started a new festival “Ars Chori”. And a few years later another one – International Festival of Sacred Music “Gaude Mater” (1991). From the second edition the Festival has been organized by the Centre of Culture Promotion "Gaude Mater" in cooperation with the Czestochowa Philharmonic.

In 1997 took place the first edition of the Bronislaw Huberman Violinistic Festival – this time just passed 50 years from death of this born in Czestochowa, great Polish musician who was one of the greatest and most famous violinists of the twentieth century. The festival has become a continuation of the two prestigious festivals in Czestochowa: Violin Festival of Grazyna Bacewicz and Jeunesses Musicales. It is organized every two years.

To give more attractions from January 1998 to December 2002 existed “Opera and Operetta Stage” where took place following spectacles: Don Pasquale by Donizetti, St. Moniuszko’s Halka and The Haunted Manor and Le nozze di Figaro by Mozart. On April 2001 The Philharmonic did first performance in “Stage Experiment” project where the theatre and music was connected – Miss Julie by A. Strindberg. The Częstochowa Philharmonic was also coorganizer of The International Song’s Festival “May Note”. And since 2002 we have organized Hot Jazz Spring Częstochowa.

In 2008 Częstochowa Philharmonic actively joined in the restoration of the memory of the world famous singer siblings, who tied their fate with our region, organizing Reszke Vocal Competition.

Besides activity in our concert halls the orchestra is also invited to many festivals and concert tours in Poland and abroad to: Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and South Korea. The Częstochowa Philharmonic Orchestra played during the great religion celebrations such as: The Congress of Mariology (1990) and The World Day of Youth with John Paul II (1991). The orchestra of The Częstochowa Philharmonic has recorded several CDs and take a part in TV and radio recordings.

Since March 2010, Czestochowa Philharmonic was renovated and expanded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Programme Infrastructure and Environment. Since November 2011 Ireneusz Kozera has been managing director of the Częstochowa Philharmonic. Adam Klocek has been artistic director since February 2012. In September 2012 began operating Philharmonic Choir "Collegium Cantorum".

October 3, 2012 was inaugurated the activities in the building at Wilson’s Street, 16, after modernization. That day Czestochowa Philharmonic officially received the name of Bronislaw Huberman. The ceremony took place at the opening of the VIII Bronislaw Huberman‘s Violin Festival.

The long list of renowned conductors and soloists who have performed with The Częstochowa Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra includes polish and foreign artists: Tomasz Bugaj, Jerzy Maksymiuk, Marek Pijarowski, Jerzy Salwarowski, Tadeusz Strugała, Karol Stryja, Stanisław Gałoński, Gabriel Chmura, Luciano Acocella (Italy), Zelman Boxer (USA), Vladyslav Czarnecki (Germany), Cindy Egolf (USA), Volker Hempfiling (Germany), Michi Hayashi (Japan), Vladimir Kiradjiev (Bulgaria), Olaf Koch (Germany), Arild Remmeril (Norway), Makoto Suehiro (Japan), Joel Zuben (USA), Tsung Yeh (USA), Torsten Ostergen (Sweden), Georg Mais (Germany), Tilo Lehmann (Germany), Antoine Mitchell (Great Britain), Volker Schmidt-Gertenbach (Germany), Stefania Toczyska, Grażyna Brodzińska, Zofia Kilanowicz, Wiesław Ochman, Ewa Podleś, Bogdan Paprocki, Krzysztof Szmyt, Bogusław Morka, Adam Zdunikowski, Kazimierz Kowalski, Dariusz Stachura, Vadim Brodski, Kaja Danczowska, Krzysztof Jakowicz, Konstanty Andrzej Kulka, Tomasz Strahl, Michał Urbaniak, Wanda Wiłkomirska, Piotr Pławner, Kevin Kenner (USA), Janusz Olejniczak, Piotr Paleczny, Krystian Zimmerman, Waldemar Malicki, Jadwiga Rappe, Krzysztof Jabłoński, Eric i Marc Franceries (France), Barbara Górzyńska, Andrzej Bauer, Menahem Breuer (Israel), Pablo de la Cruz (Spain), Christian Wetzel (Germany), Joshua Bell (USA), Vadim Repin (Russia), Evelyn Glennie (Scotland), Midori (Japan).

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