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competitions 2017 (I)

I Międzynarodowy Konkurs Skrzypcowy im. Grażyny Bacewicz - Łódź, 9-13 grudnia 2015

Organizer:  Katedra Instrumentów Smyczkowych Akademii Muzycznej im. Grażyny i Kiejstuta Bacewiczów w Łodzi

Regulations of the Competition

§ 1
1. The organizer of the 1st Grazyna Bacewicz International Violin Competition in Łódz is the Chair of String Instruments of the Grazyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Łódz.
2. The Competition will take place on 9th – 13th December 2015 at the Academy of Music in Łódz.
3. The Competition welcomes violinists of all nationalities with no age limit.

§ 2
1. Participation in the competition should be declared before 15th October 2015 to the e-mail address: bacewicz-competition@amuz.lodz.pl
or by regular mail to the address:
Akademia Muzyczna im. Grazyny i Kiejstuta Bacewiczów
ul. Gdanska 32, 90-716 Łódz, Polska
with a note “The 1st Grazyna Bacewicz International Violin Competition”
2. The application form filled in Polish or English should be accompanied by:
• the copy of ID of the participant,
• artistic CV of the participant,
• high resolution photo of the participant,
• confirmation of paying the entrance fee.
3. The entrance fee in the amount of 250 PLN shall be paid to the account:
Bank PEKAO SA, IBAN PL 97 1240 3028 1111 0000 2822 1999
with a note “The 1st Grazyna Bacewicz International Violin Competition”
4. Please, note that all banking charges should be paid by the candidate, so that the amount that reaches the account is precisely the same as required.
5. In case of applicant’s resignation the registration fee will not be returned.
6. In case of a big number of applications the organizers reserve the right to select candidates on the basis of CVs and artistic achievements.
7. Persons not qualified to the auditions will receive the entrance fee back.

§ 3
1. The organizers reserve the right to record auditions and the final concert using any kind of audiovisual medium.
2. Participants, during the time of the Competition, transfer their copyrights related to their image and competition presentations, to the organizers.

§ 4
The costs of travel and accommodation shall be covered by the participants and their accompanists by them- selves.

§ 5
1. Participants shall be present in the Competition O_ice on the day described in the invitation sent by the organizers.
2. Auditions will be conducted in two stages.
3. The order of the participants’ appearance in the 1st stage will be chosen by lot.
4. To the 2nd stage not more than 14 violinists will be accepted.
5. Participants will be informed about the date and time of their performance not later than on 1st December 2015.

§ 6
1. Programme of the Competition
1st stage (total time of presentation 15–18 min.)
• any miniature by Grazyna Bacewicz for violin solo or with piano
• any caprice from op. 10 by Henryk Wieniawski or from op. 1 by Niccolo Paganini
• a virtuoso work for violin solo or with piano
2nd stage (total time of presentation 25 – 30 min.)
• an obligatory work composed for the competition (5 min.)
• any programme chosen by the participant (there will be an additional award for presentation of a work by Grazyna Bacewicz)
2. The obligatory work from the 2nd stage will be sent to the participants by electronic mail not later than on 8th November 2015.
3. Programme of the competion should be presented from memory. Exception to this may be the chamber forms presented in the 2nd stage and the obligatory work.
4. Programme of the 2nd stage cannot include works presented in the 1st stage.
5. In case of programmes being too long, the Jury reserves the right to interrupt the presentation.
6. The organizaers may ask participants to present the scores of a performed work.
7. The organizers may provide the accompanist free of charge.

§ 7
1. Awards:
• 1st award 2500 Euro
• 2nd award 1500 Euro
• 3rd award 800 Euro
• distinctions 200 Euro
2. Also an additional award in the amount of 400 Euro for presentation of a work by Grazyna Bacewicz in the 2nd stage of the Competition is prepared.
3. The amounts of awards are a subject to taxation.
4. Awarded violinists are obliged to participate in the laureates’ concert and appear in person to receive the awards.

§ 8
1. The group of Jury members will be announced directly before the Competition.
2. The Jury will be working in accordance with the regulations accepted at the first meeting.
3. The Jury reserves the right to change the number and the amount of awards, on condition that the total amount of prizes cannot be higher.
4. The decisions of the Jury are final and non-actionable.

§ 9
1. For reasons beyond the control of the organizers, the Competition may be cancelled, but not a_er the 8th November 2015.
2. In case of the cancellation of the Competition, the entrance fee will be paid back.
3. Applying to the Competitions is equal to accepting the Regulations of the Competition. The application form may be downloaded from www.amuz.lodz.pl
4. Please send any inquiries to: bacewicz-competition@amuz.lodz.pl



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