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Konkurs kompozytorski Sächsischer Musikrat – Niemcy, 30 marca 2017

Organizator:  The Sächsische Musikrat e.V.

Sächsische Musikrat e.V. (SMR - Rada Muzyczna Saksonii) ogłasza konkurs na skomponowanie utworu, który zostanie wykonany przez orkiestrę „LandStreicher Sachsen”.



Competition for the award of a composition commission by the Sächsischer Musikrat

Invitation to compete

The Sächsische Musikrat e.V. (SMR – Music Council of Saxony) wishes to award a composition commission for its Youth String Orchestra »LandStreicher Sachsen« (Vagabonds of Saxony).

The SMR requests the submission of an exposé, to include identifiable information on the work: subject, duration, number of movements, orchestration as well as the realisation of the specified theme.

A composition, from 8 to a maximum of 12 minutes in duration, is desired for the »LandStreicher Sachsen« Orchestra, which – in the form of a modern »Concerto grosso« on the theme »Characters« – will give the young musicians the opportunity to musically express their world of feelings and experiences in the present day. The degree of difficulty of the composition should be adapted to the performance capability of the ensemble.

A jury appointed by the Presidium of the Sächsischer Musikrat will decide on the award of the composition commission on the basis of the exposés submitted. The jury’s decision shall be final. There shall be no right of appeal. The members of the jury and the employees of the Sächsischer Musikrat business office shall not be eligible to compete in this competition.

For his composition and orchestration of the score and parts, the composer of the exposé selected by the jury will receive a fee of 4,000 Euros. Necessary travel expenses for two rehearsal attendances (up to a maximum of 300 Euros) will be separately remunerated.

The composer shall declare his agreement to radio and television recordings and to radio and television broadcasts as well as to audio and telemedia recordings with an unlimited retention period (including their reproduction) made in relation to the concerts specified below. By accepting the invitation to compete for the composition commission, the composer shall surrender all rights resulting from such recordings to the organiser.


30th March 2017 Closing date for submitting exposé

30th April 2017 Awarding of the commission

3rd - 5th July 2017 Rehearsal attendance to provide orientation for the composer

30th December 2017 Presentation of the complete score (incl. parts) by the composer

July 2018 Rehearsal attendance, final rehearsals Performances 12th July 2018, Gernrode and 13th July 2018 in Saxony (N.N.)

On the ensemble

The members of the »LandStreicher Sachsen« Orchestra (orchestra size: string section 10/10/8/8/4) consist of talented children between 10 and 14 years of age. The age structure results in several special aspects to be taken into consideration with the orchestration. For example, it may be assumed that there will be no complete eight-strong viola section. The two to four violas mostly to be expected are supplemented by third violins. The corresponding part should therefore be playable by both instruments. The double bass players of this age group still use 4-string instruments. With the violins and violoncellos, there exists a wide range of performance capabilities, which should be taken into account by shared parts with soloist tasks in the sense of a concerto grosso. To assist with orientation, here are a few compositions that have already been played: Benjamin Britten: Simple Symphony, Paul Hindemith: Trauermusik, Milko Kelemen: Kleine Streichermusik, Wojciech Kilar: Orawa, Witold Lutoslawski: Fünf Volksmelodien, Einojuhani Rautavaara: Pelimannit-Fiddlers op. 1, Dag Wirén: Serenade op. 11




Sächsischer Musikrat

Managing Director Torsten Tannenberg, Prof. Dr. Christoph Krummacher (President)

Glashütter Straße 101 a

01277 Dresden


Uwaga: Podane są tu wybrane, podstawowe informacje, mające dać Państwu w każdym przypadku ogólny obraz wydarzenia - nie są one wystarczające do zgłoszenia udziału. Każdy chętny może zwracać się bezpośrednio do organizatorów.