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Romuald Twardowski,

composer and teacher; b. 17 June 1930 in Vilnius. In 1952-57 he studied piano and composition in the class of Julius Juzeliunas at State Conservatory of the Lithuanian Republic in Soviet Union in Vilnius. In 1957-60 he continued his composition studies with Bolesław Woytowicz at the State Higher School of Music in Warsaw. In 1963 and 1966 he studied Gregorian chant and medieval polyphony under Nadia Boulanger in Paris. In 1972-2008 Romuald Twardowski was a professor at the State Higher School of Music in Warsaw (currently Fryderyk Chopin University of Music).

He is a laureate of many awards and honourable mentions. He received the 2nd prize for Spring Songs and the 3rd prize for Song about the White House at the composition competition of the Polish Association of Choirs and Orchestras (1959), the 1st prize for Warmian Suite at the competition on the occasion of the 550th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald (1960), the 1st prize for Nocturnes and Jawor songs at the competition of the Provincial National Council in Katowice, Polish Radio and the Polish Composers' Union (1960), the 1st prize for Antifone per tre gruppi d’orchestra at the Youth Competition of the Polish Composers 'Union (1961), the 2nd prize for Bucolics at composition competition of the Polish Students' Association, the 2nd place at the UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers in Paris (1963), the 1st prize for Sonetti di Petrarca at the International Composition Competition in Prague (1966), the 2nd prize for Tre studi secondo Giotto at the Artur Malawski Composition Competition in Kraków (1966), the 2nd prize for Impressioni fiorentini at the Grzegorz Fitelberg Composititon Competition in Katowice, the 2nd prize for Ode to Youth at the Composition Competition in Skopje (1969), the 2nd prize for Humorous Songs at the National Composition Competition in Gniezno (1972), the 2nd prize for Studium in a at the Karol Szymanowski Composition Competition (1974), the 2nd prize for Lamentationes (1981) and Allaluia (1981) at the Florilege Vocal de Tours International Competition, the 2nd prize for Piano Concerto at the composition competition of the Polish Piano Festival in Słupsk (1985), the 1st prize for Alleluia at the Composition Competition of the Polish Association of Choirs and Orchestras (1990), the AGEC award of the The European Choral Association – Europa Cantat for Little Concerto for mixed choir (1994), the 1st award for Osanna II (2010) and O Tiebie radujetsia (2011) at the 21st Century Russian Music for Children and Youth Composition Competition. He won numerous prizes at the Prince Rainier III International Composition Competition in Monaco: the 1st prize for The Sorcerer`s Statues ballet-pantomime (1965), an honourable mention for Cantus antiqui (1965), a special prize for Little Orthodox Liturgy (1968), the 1st prize for the Lord Jim musical drama (1973). The TV version of The Sorcerer`s Statues ballet received the Grand Prix at the Stockholm International Ballet Film Festival (1972).

Twardowski’s music covers a variety of genres and forms ranging from instrumental miniatures to concert forms, from vocal solo and choral cycles to operas and ballets. Although very modern (there have been numerous performances at the "Warsaw Autumn"), his music is very clear and communicative, full of internal drama and individual in its character. It constitutes an original phenomenon in post-war Polish music. His works have been performed all over the world, accompanied by dozens of reviews, statements and interviews. The composer has made many journeys all over Europe, Asia, Russia and Africa, promoting Polish music both in Poland and abroad. In the eighties he was at the forefront in establishing cultural contacts with Lithuania, Armenia and Georgia. He has been a jury member of numerous music competitions, including Varsovia Cantat and Cracovia Cantans. He has been the initiator of the “Hajnówka” International Festival of Orthodox Church Music and its jury chairman since 1983. In 2000 he released his autobiography Było, nie minęło: wspomnienia kompozytora [It Has Been, but It Is not Gone: Composer’s Memories], in which he summed up his creative experience and provided a colorful account of the people and events of the last several decades. In 2012 the State Primary Music School in Puławy took his name.

The composer received many orders and decorations, including the Knight's Cross (1974) and the Officer's Cross (1985) of the Order of Polonia Restituta, the Award of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Maritime Economy (1980), the Włodzimierz Pietrzak Award (1983), the Prince Konstanty Ostrogski Award (1990), the annual award of the Polish Composers' Union (1995), the first degree Order of Saint Maria Magdalena of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church (1996), the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Award (2006), the Golden Badge with Diamond of the Polish Association of Choirs and Orchestras (2007), the Gold Medal for Merit to Culture – Gloria Artis (2010), the Honorary Badge of the Podlasie Voivodship (2010), the Jerzy Kurczewski Award (2015), the Honorary Badge of the National Music Academy of Ukraine (2015), the Special Award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2015).

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Composer's website: www.twardowski-kompozytor.com.pl 


Oberek [version I] for violin and piano * (1955)
Oberek [version II] for string orchestra * (1955)
Concerto No. 1 for piano and orchestra (1956)
Suite in the Old Style for orchestra (1957)
Two Ballads (Przede wroty, Pani pana zabiła) for mixed choir * (1957)
Miniatures (Burlesque, Intermezzo, Mazurka) for piano * (1957)
Aria in the Old Style for string orchestra (1957, 2005)
Two Folk Songs (Na Brzuśniku, Pasem konie) for female or boys' choir * (1957, 2005)
Aria in the Old Style for cello and string orchestra (1957, 2015)
Seven Folk Songs (Żebyś ty chmielu, Z tamtej strony jeziora, Oj służbo moja! Oj szynkarko, A za lasem, Rozlecieli się ptaszki, Moja matuleńko) for voice and piano * (1957,1983)
Little Sonata for piano * (1958)
Burlesque for wind quintet * (1958, 2021)
Little Symphony for piano, strings and percussion * (1959)
Song about the White House, cantata for mixed choir, two pianos and percussion to words by Julian Tuwim (1959)
Spring Songs (Świt, Brzózka kwietniowa, Ptak) [version I] for female or boys' choir * (1959)
Spring Songs [version II] for male choir (1959)
Jaworowe Songs (Z tej ta strony jeziora, Ażeby ja miała, Leć, głosie, po rosie) for mixed choir * (1960)
Nocturnes (W jasnym świetle latarni, Noc) for mixed choir * (1960)
Lullabies (Kołysanka Krzysi, Niańka króla Heroda) for mixed choir * (1960)
Naked Prince, ballet-pantomime (1960)
Warmian Suite (A w niedzielę raniusieńko, Zachodźże słoneczko, Z tamtej strony jeziora, Wysoko daleko, Siadaj-siadaj śliczne kosianie) for mixed choir * (1960)
Humoresque for mixed choir (1960)
"Naked Prince" ballet suite for orchestra (1960)
Bird for male choir * (1960)
Three Folk Songs (Furały jeskółki, Kani ty Jaśku [version I], Śląska pieśń) for soprano and piano * (1960)
Warmian Lullaby for vioce and piano * (1960, 2007)
Two Warmian Songs (Furały jeskółki, Kani ty Jaśku [version II]) for soprano and piano (1960-2015)
Carmina de mortuis (Moment, Pogrzeb, O chorym synku, Nieznane drzewo) for mixed choir * (1961)
Bucolics (Czereśnie, Kaczuszki) for mixed choir * (1962)
Cantus antiqui for soprano, harpsichord, piano and percussion * (1962)
Cyrano de Bergerac, romantic opera (1962)
Nomopedia Cinque movimenti for orchestra * (1962)
Psalmus 149 for mixed choir * (1962)
Little Suite for violin and piano * (1962)
Madrigal for mixed choir (1962)
Preludio e toccata for mixed choir * (1962)
Two Threnodies [version I] for female choir (1962)
Two Vocalisations for voice and piano * (1962)
Canzona for cello and piano (1962, 2005)
Two Threnodies [version II] for male choir (1962, 2005)
April Songs (To było tak, Na ciepłej niebieskiej łące) for mixed choir * (1963)
The Sorcerer's Statues, ballet-pantomime (1963)
The Sorcerer's Statues ballet suite for orchestra (1963)
Miniatures (Wiosna, Chwila, Wspomnienie, Smutek, Droga) for mixed choir * (1964)
Ode 64 for orchestra (1964)
Two Negro Songs (Strach, Niam) for mixed choir * (1965)
Tragedy or story of John and Herod, ballet-morality play (1965)
Sonetti di Petrarca (Benedetto, La vita fugge) for tenor solo and two choirs a cappella * (1965)
Tre studi secondo Giotto for chamber orchestra * (1966)
Impressioni fiorentini per quattro cori strumentali * (1967)
Capricci (Sonatinas) for piano * (1967)
Music for the film Z księgi Polaków, dir. Bohdan Kosiński (1967)
Little Orthodox Liturgy for vocal ensemble and three groups of instruments * (1968)
And as to sing for female choir (1968)
Ode to Youth for reciting voice, mixed choir and orchestra * (1969)
The Fall of Father Suryn, radio music drama (1969)
Lyrics (Bez ciebie, Moim sąsiadem jest anioł, Na drzewo mówię: drzewo, Koniugacja, Ptaki mojego serca) for mixed choir (1969)
Music for the film Kamień, dir. Andrzej Brzozowski (1969)
Three Farewell Sonnets (Au bord tristement doux, Ruine des humains, Père du doux repos) [wersja I] for bass-baritone and chamber orchestra * (1970)
Music for the film Złoty wiek Pomorza i Warmii, dir. Zbigniew Bochenek (1970)
Lord Jim, music drama * (1970-73)
Three Farewell Sonnets (Au bord tristement doux, Ruine des humains, Père du doux repos) [version II] na bass-baritone and piano * (1971)
At Night for mixed choir * (1971)
Landscapes (Wiatraki, Hawrań i Murań, Perun) for mixed choir * (1971)
Music fot the performance Król Mięsopust, dir. Tadeusz Minc (1971)
Two Humorous Songs (Kukułka, Była babuleńska) [version I] for mixed choir * (1972)
Two Humorous Songs [version II] for female or boys' choir * (1972)
Before the Spring Comes for male choir (1972)
Interludium from the music drama "Lord Jim" for orchestra (1972)
Two Humorous Songs [version III] for male choir (1972, 2005)
Preludium, Toccata and Chorale for symphony orchestra (1973)
Marian Triptych (Stajenka Betlejemska, Taniec, Złożenie do grobu, Taniec, Zmartwychwstanie) for string orchestra * (1973)
Studium in a for orchestra * (1973)
Workers for mixed choir (1973)
Prologue from the music drama "Lord Jim" for choir and orchestra * (1973)
Preludio e toccata for mixed choir * (1974)
Improvvisazione e toccata for two pianos * (1974)
Two Landscapes for symphony orchestra (1975)
Marine Impressions (Morze, Kocham cię, morze) for mixed choir * (1975)
Polish Landscape [version II] (Mowo polska, Tańczy noc, Kocham krajobraz) for bass-baritone and symphony orchestra (1975)
Polish Landscape [version I] (Mowo polska, Tańczy noc, Kocham krajobraz) for bass-baritone and piano * (1975)
Marine Triptych (Pieśń Rycerzy Bolesławowych o morzu, Cisza morska, Morze [version II]) for male choir * (1975-2013)
Laudate Dominum, dialogue for two mixed choirs * (1976)
Trifles (Perpetuum mobile, Dzwony, Japoneczka Miki, Dwa Michały) for piano four hands (1976)
Sequentiae de ss. Patronis Polonis for baritone, choir and instrumental ensemble (1977)
Hand and Sword, three poems (Chmury skłębione w chimery i gryfy, Matka bolesna, Już wiele jesieni minęło) for tenor solo and mixed choir * (1977)
Maria Stuart, music drama (1978)
Exclamation for mixed choir (1978)
Mazovian Triptych (Cichymi słowami pozdrowię Ojczyznę, Mazowsze, Nadzieja) for mixed choir (1978)
At my Mother's (Pieśń sieroca, Kołysanka wiejska) for mixed choir * (1978)
Smoking Chimneys for mixed choir (1978)
At the top of Dorotka. Zagłębie Suite for solists, mixed choir and orchestra (1978)
Three Songs from the "Śląsk" ensemble repertoire (Maryjanna z Gołonoga, Dziadkowe śpiewki, Polonez) for mixed choir and piano (1978)
Aria from the music drama "Maria Stuart" for soprano and piano * (1978)
Song (almost) without words, TV mini-opera (1978)
Capriccio in blue for violin and orchestra (or piano) * (1979)
Lamentationes for mixed choir * (1979)
The face of the Sea, 5 songs (Westchnienia, Jeden z widoków morza, Woda zielona, Ryby, Korsarz) for bass-baritone and piano * (1979)
Preludio, recitativo ed aria con variazioni for harpsichord (or piano) * (1979)
Sonata breve for harpsichord (or piano) * (1979)
Old Warsaw Songs (Na most warszawski, Sarmackich miast królowa) for mixed choir * (1979)
Distance for mixed choir * (1979)
Maybe for mixed choir (1979)
Baltic Preludes (Morze, Żeglarz) for mixed choir * (1979)
Warsaw Wind for male choir (1979)
Memories for male choir (1979)
Pastor es supremus for baritone, mixed choir and organ (1979)
Music for the performance Midsummer Night's Dream, dir. Bohdan Korzeniewski (1979)
Old Town Square for mixed choir (1979)
Concerto Rustico for mixed choir * (1980)
Musica concertante for piano * (1980)
Little Concerto for piano and instrumental ensemble * (1980)
On Four Strings for violin and piano * (1980)
Three Kurpie Songs (Ciemna nocka, A kiedy jo jechał, Jedźmy Jasiulu) for mixed choir * (1980)
Three Interludes from the music drama "Maria Stuart" for orchestra * (1980)
The Forest Scenes, burlesque for male vocal ensemble (1980)
Spring Rendez-vous for voice and piano (1980)
The History of Saint Catherine, morality play (1981)
Fantasia for organ * (1981)
Polish Fantasia for two violins * (1982)
Salve Regina [version I] for female choir and organ * (1982)
Three Pieces (Elegia, Romanza, Thema con variazioni) for organ * (1982)
Ave Maris Stella [version I] for male choir and organ (or piano) (1982)
Three Polish Dances (Polonez, Taniec renesansowy, Mazur) for symphony orchestra [version I] (1982)
Folk Melody for small orchestra (1982)
Son senza pan for male choir (1982)
Ours are Riding, suite of folk melodies (Wyjrzałem przez okienko, Oj jadą nasi, W zielonym gaiku) for female choir and instrumental ensemble (1982)
Little Squirrel [version II] for female choir and instrumental accompaniment (1982)
Little Squirrel [version I], song for voice and piano (1982)
Four Italian Songs for male choir (1982)
Erotic Poems (Jesteś, Czekam, Przyjdź, Kiedy wracasz) for voice and piano * (1983)
Joannes Rex, cantata for baritone, mixed choir and orchestra * (1983)
Come Sun for female choir (1983)
Woodpecker for female choir * (1983)
Prussian Homage for male choir and orchestra (1983)
Music for the performance The Rose, dir. Maciej Wojtyszko (1983)
Concerto No. 2 for piano and orchestra * (1984)
Amusement Park for piano * (1984)
Two Christmas Carols (Obudź się Warszawo, Samotna Wigilia) for bass-baritone and iinstrumental ensemble (1984)
Two canzonas (Pieszczone dziewczę, Nie będę chciała) for mixed choir (1984)
Spanish Fantasia [version I] for violin and orchestra (or piano) * (1985)
Backpacking across the country, suite of songs (Piosenka na każdą pogodę, Dwa buty szły drogą, Głodny miś w lesie śpi, Po całodziennym marszu, Palumpada, Na szczycie gór) [version I] for female choir and piano (1985)
Music for the film Angel of Fire, dir. Maciej Wojtyszko (1985)
Fantastic Dance for two violins * (1985)
Backpacking across the country, suite of songs [version II] for female (or children) choir, string orchestra and percussion (1985)
Small Triptych for wind quintet * (1986)
Three Frescos (Christos Pantokrator na Górze Athos, Św. Trójca według Rublowa, Prorok Eliasz na wozie ognistym z klasztoru w Rile) for symphony orchestra * (1986)
Allegro rustico for oboe and piano * (1986)
Symphonic variations on a theme by George Gershwin [version I] for percussion solo and orchestra (1986)
Kitty and Dragon, 7 songs (Kotek, Bambo, Kołysanka, Żarłok, Smok, Baran, Tydzień) for voice and piano * (1986)
Three Polish Dances for wind orchestra [version II] (1986)
Two Songs from Podlasie (A w lesie na dębie, W stodole świta) for female or boys' choir (1986)
Two Folk Songs (Na polu wierzba, Idzie chmura) for children or female choir * (1986)
Music for the performance A jednak powrócę..., dir. Krzysztof Orzechowski (1986)
Symphonic variations on a theme by George Gershwin [version II] for orchestra  (1986)
Bambo and Dragon, 10 songs (Majowy wieczór, Smok, Nasza szkoła jest wesoła, Kwoka, Plastoludki, Bambo, Koziołeczek, Wiosna idzie, Tydzień, Krokodyli rock) for voice and piano (1986-1997)
Trio No.1 for violin, cello and piano * (1987)
Three songs to words by Stanisław Ryszard Dobrowolski (Odkąd odeszła, Wróble warszawskie, Non è vero) for baritone and piano * (1987)
Poilsh Triptych (Tu jest mój dom, To jest Polska, Nie żałuj) for mixed choir (1987)
Chorale for two cellos * (1987)
Musica da quiesa for two trumpets, horn and trombone (1987)
Old Polish Concerto for string orchestra (1988)
Little Concerto for vocal orchestra * (1988)
Michelangelo's Sonnets (Twymi oczyma, Dobiega podróż mojego żywota, O nocy słodka) for baritone and piano * (1988)
About Joy for mixed choir (1988)
Poland for mixed choir (1988)
In my Homeland for mixed choir (1988)
Kasia persueded for mixed choir (1988)
Here is my Home for mixed choir (1988)
Longing for male choir (1988)
Lithuanian Variations for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon * (1988, 2021)
Italian Album for orchestra (1989)
Old Polish Dance for three guitars * (1989)
Suite of Old Dances for four guitars (1989)
Espressioni for violin and piano * (1990)
Alleluia [version I] for mixed choir * (1990)
Chwalitie Imia Gospodnie [version I] for mixed choir * (1990)
Three Don Quixote's Sonnets (Orland Szalony do Don Kichota z Manczy, Solisdan do Don Kichota, Akademicy z Argamasilli na grób Don Kichota) for bass-baritone and piano * (1990)
Above the Villa (Oczy zielonych jezior, Kaziuk, Sanna) for bass-baritone and piano * (1990)
Chwalitie Imia Gospodnie [version II] for male choir * (1990)
Burlesque for violin and piano * (1990)
Alleluia [version II] for female choir * (1990)
Chwalitie Imia Gospodnie [version III] for female choir (1990)
Alleluia [version III] for male choir (1990)
Niggunim, Chassid melodies for violin and symphony orchestra (or piano) * (1991)
Tu es Petrus for baritone, mixed choir and symphony orchestra (1991)
Spring is coming for voice and piano (1991)
Hosanna I for mixed choir * (1992)
Three essays for mixed choir * (1992)
Galaxies for violin and piano (Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz in memoriam) * (1993)
Youth Trio for violin, cello and piano * (1993)
Marian Songs (Salve Regina, Stabat Mater, Maryjo Pani Aniołów) [version I] for soprano and small symphony orchestra (1993)
Sonatina for two violins * (1993)
Three Etudes for violin solo * (1993)
Marian Songs (Salve Regina, Stabat Mater, Maryjo Pani Aniołów) [version II] for soprano and piano (1993)
Canticum Canticorum (Nigra sum, Dilectus meus) [version I] for soprano, flute, clarinet and strings (1994)
Hedgehog and Frog for female choir (1994)
O gloriosa Virginum for male choir * (1994)
A te rudzkie dziewki for female choir and piano (1994)
Canticum Canticorum [version II] for soprano and piano * (1994)
Concerto for cello and orchestra * (1995)
Bragger for female choir (1995)
Woskriesienije Christowo for mixed choir (1995)
Two pieces to words by Jan Kochanowski (Czego chcesz od nas Panie, Serce rośnie) for mixed choir * (1995-1996)
Wsiakoje dychanije for mixed choir (1996)
Invocation and capriccio for two cellos (1996)
Regina coeli [version I] for mixed choir * (1996)
In a little green grove, 5 miniatures (Walczyk, Piosenka litewska, Dzwony cerkiewne, W gaiku zielonym, Ragtime) for piano four hands * (1996)
Grandma-fairy [version II] for female choir (1996)
Grandma-fairy [version I] for voice and piano (1996)
Hosanna II for mixed choir * (1997)
Hebrew Melodies [version II] for clarinet and orchestra (1997)
Hebrew Melodies [version I] for clarinet and piano * (1997)
Abracadabra for mixed choir (1997)
A Friend for Autumn, song for voice and piano (1997)
Big or Small, song for voice and piano (1997)
Drżą brudasy, song for voice and piano (1997)
Ink, song for voice and piano (1997)
Carousel, song for voice and piano (1997)
And I am growing, song for voice and piano (1997)
Farewell to Holidays, song for voice and piano (1997)
Two sleeves, song for voice and piano (1997)
Błażen muż for mixed choir (1997)
Concerto breve for string orchestra (1998)
K Tiebie Władyko for mixed choir (1998)
Rosary Songs for voice and organ (1998)
O gloriosa Domina for mixed choir * (1999)
Lauda Sion for mixed choir a cappella * (1999)
Pastorale e danza for violin and piano * (1999)
Three Lenten Songs for mixed choir (1999)
Sie nynie for male choir (1999)
Vocalization [version I] for female choir * (1999)
Marian Hymn for voice and organ (1999)
God is Love for voice and organ (1999)
21 Wishes for female choir and piano (1999)
Night Owl, song for voice and piano (1999)
Holidays, song for voice and piano (1999)
Hommage à J. S. Bach, cycle of pieces for piano (Preludium, Postludium, Inwencja, Chorał, Toccata in A) * (2000)
Wo carstwii Twojem [version II] for mixed choir (2000)
Chwali dusze moja for mixed choir (2000)
Humoresque for piano * (2000)
Folk Melody for two recorders (2000)
Cuckoo [version I] for three recorders (2000)
Hymnus ad sanctum Joseph for mixed choir (2000)
Cuckoo [version II] for flute and strings (2000)
CrecheGod is being born [version I] for female choir (2000)
Creche. God is being born [version II] for boy's choir (2000)
Cat-and-dog weather, song for voice and piano (2000)
Carice moja for soprano and mixed choir (2000)
Little Autumn Waltz for piano four hands (2000)
From New Orleans for piano four hands (2000)
Two Christmas Carols (Żłóbek, Bóg się dziś rodzi) for boys' choir (2000)
Wo carstwii Twojem [version I] for mixed choir and four trombones (2000)
Creche. God is being born [version III] for male choir (2000, 2005)
Wo carstwii Twojem [version III] for female choir (2000, 2008)
Introduction and Allegro for violin and piano * (2001)
Missa "Regina caeli" for mixed choir * (2001)
Capriccio for violin and piano * (2001)
O salutaris for mixed choir * (2001)
Jubilate Deo for mixed choir * (2001)
Ave Maris Stella [version II] for male choir * (2002)
Pastorale and Humoresque for oboe and piano * (2002)
Musica festiva for organ (2002)
In Chinese Garden for percussion ensemble (2002)
Toccata and Chorale for organ (2002)
Jezus, I Trust in You. Mistery play abour God's Mercy for soprano, baritone (bass-baritone), two reciting voices, mixed choir and orchestra (2002)
Im ZOO for violin and piano * (2002)
Jeż elegant, song for voice and piano (2002)
Hoopoe, song for voice and piano (2002)
Two Christmas Carols (Samotna wigilia, Obudź się Warszawo) for mixed choir (2002)
Wake up Shepherd for male choir (2002, 2005)
Three Sketches for violin, viola and cello * (2003)
Serenade for string orchestra (2003-2004)
Three Intermezzos for organ (2004)
Summer with Dad, song for voice and piano (2004)
Tango for cello and piano * (2004)
Meditation for cello and piano * (2004)
Campane IV from Bell's Symphonies for piano (2004)
The White Eagle, song for voice and piano (2004)
Math Song for voice and piano (2004)
Pater noster for mixed choir (2005)
Paschal Triptych for organ (2005)
Trio No.2 for violin, cello and piano * (2005)
Otcze nasz for mixed choir (2005)
Te Alma Mater for mixed choir a cappella (2005)
Saint John Chrysostom's Liturgy for mixed choir a cappella (2005)
Zielona świątynia Białowieża for mixed choir a cappella (2005)
Kali łaska – bardzo proszę for mixed choir a cappella (2005)
Antifona de st. Joseph for mixed choir (2005)
Boży pokarm for mixed choir (2005)
Canzona for organ (2005)
Highlander Christmas Carol for male choir (2005)
Wschodzi gwiazdka for male choir (2005)
Alleluia, Praise the Lord for male choir (2005)
Płacze Jezus mały for male choir (2005)
March of the Reception Class, song for voice and piano (2005)
Concerto for flute and string orchestra (2006)
Lullaby for violian and piano (2006)
Płaczcie Anieli for mixed choir a cappella (2006)
Popule meus for mixed choir a cappella * (2006)
Mysterium crucis for mixed choir a cappella * (2006)
Concerto for violin and string orchestra * (2006)
Tango for violin, cello and piano (2006)
Chorale for organ (2006)
Regina coeli [version II] for soprano and organ (2006)
Lux aeterna for mixed choir a cappella * (2007)
Otcze nasz for female or boys' choir a cappella (2007)
Exegi monumentum, oratorium for soprano, bass, choir and orchestra (2007)
Vocalisation [version II] for mixed choir * (2007)
Vocalisation [version III] for soprano and organ (2007)
Berceuse-Vocalise for soprano and organ (2007)
Patrz morze [version I] for soprano, flute and string orchestra to words by Zbigniew Herbert (2008)
Life is a Song [version II] for female choir and piano (2008)
O crux ave for mixed choir a cappella * (2008)
Ave Maria [version I] for female choir * (2008)
Tam za lasem for flute, triangle and strings (2008)
Veni creator for organ (2008)
Ave Maria [version III] for soprano and organ (2008)
Grandmother's Day, song for voice and piano (2008)
Farewell to Holidays, song for voice and piano  (2008)
Everyone Likes Winter, song for voice and piano (2008)
Life is a Song [version I], song for voice and piano (2008)
Three Pious Songs (Boże wieczny, Dnia jednego, Jezu w ogrójcu) for mixed choir (2008)
Little Rhapsody for clarinet and piano (2008)
Patrz morze [version II] for soprano solo and piano to words by Zbigniew Herbert * (2008)
Ave Maria [version II] for male choir (2008, 2010)
Let's Play Together, violin duets * (2009)
Childrens' Day at School, song for voice and piano (2009)
Grunwald 1410, cantata for bass solo and orchestra (2010)
Virginum Custos for mixed choir a cappella (2010)
Mother's Prayer for mixed choir (2010)
Happy Notes for violin and piano (2010)
Rainbow Notes for piano (2010)
Holidays Treasures, song for voice and piano (2010)
Winter is coming, song for voice and piano (2010)
Independence Day, song for voice and piano (2010)
Lithuania for string orchestra (2011)
O Tiebie radujetsia – Little Concerto for mixed choir * (2011)
Nynie otpuszczajeszi for mixed choir a cappella (2011)
Colourfull Notes for violin and piano (2011)
Little Virtuoso for piano (2011)
Children like Summer, song for voice and piano (2011)
St. Barbara's Day, song for voice and piano (2011)
Episodes for string octet (2011)
Salva Regina for soprano and organ (2011)
Wospojtie Gospodiewi pieśń nowu, concerto for mixed choir a cappella (2011-2012)
Theme with Variations for piano (2012)
Forest Stream for piano (2012)
Viva la musica, song for voice and piano (2012)
Cantus s. Casimiri for mixed choir (2012)
Singing Cellos, easy pieces for two cellos (2014)
Kurpie Melody for flute and two clarinets (2014)
Prelude and Dance for flute and two clarinets (2014)
Six Inventions for two voices (2014)
Minuet for two cellos (2014)
Pavane for two cellos (2014)
Exultate, jubilate for mixed choir (2015)
Boże, wo imia Twoje for mixed choir (2015)
Oratio pro vivis ac defunctis for soprano and organ (2015)
Aria in the Old Style for cello and piano (2015)
Three Dances in the Old Style for string orchestra (2016)
Kurpie Melodies for string orchestra (2016)
Polonaise for piano (2017)
The Shadow Line (Joseph Conrad in memoriam) for string orchestra (2017)
Polish Dances for piano four hands (2017)
Caelum et terra, oratorio for bass-baritone, mixed choir and orchestra (2018)
Three Polish Dances for piano (2018)
Polish Christmas Carols for female choir (2019)