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Szymon Godziemba-Trytek,
composer and music theorist; b. 21st February 1988 in Bielsko-Biała. In 2008-10 he studied composition under Marek Jasiński. In 2013 he completed a Secondary School of Music with honours, having studied composition with Marian Borkowski, and graduated in music theory from the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz. In 2009/2010 he studied with Andrea Talmelli during an Erasmus student exchange at the Istituto Superiore di Studi Misicali Achille Peri in Reggio nell'Emilia in Italy. Since 2013 he has been teaching at the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz.
His works have been presented at numerous festivals and concerts in Poland, as well as in Austria, Spain, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, the USA, and Italy, performed by the Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic, Pomeriania Philharmonic, Baltic Neopolis Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra of the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz, Chamber Orchestra of the Academy of Music in Krakow, Schola Cantorum Gedanensis, Jan Szyrocki Academic Choir in Szczecin, Chamber Choir of the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz, Choir of the Technical University of Gdańsk, Astrolabium choir, and the choir and orchestra of the Mozart 2003 Association.
He is an award-winning artist. He won the EACC12 Choral Composition Award for Beati for 12-part mixed choir a cappella, 1st prize at the National Composition Competition "Fides et Ratio" for Salomon for choir and organ (2009), 1st prize at the 5th National Composition Competition of Choral Passion Songs for O vosomnes for mixed choir a cappella (2012), 3rd prize at the National Competition Omnia Beneficia for Salve Regina for mixed choir and strings (2012), 3rd prize at the 7th Karol Szymanowski Competition for Tre Episodi for orchestra (2013), and 3rd prize at the 10th Musica Sacra Composition Competition in Cologne for Miserere mei Deus, miserere mei for mixed choir a cappella (2014).
Szymon Godziemba-Trytek was also awarded a number of scholarships. He received the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Award for extraordinary artistic achievements (2012), a scholarship of the Minister of Science and Higher Education (2012), a scholarship of the Mayor of Bydoszcz (2013), and a scholarship of the Grazella Foundation (2013). He also won the Rumaki 2013 plebiscite in recognition of his artistic achievements.
He organised and co-organised many contemporary music concerts and has been a member of the Polish Composers' Union since 2012.
updated: August 2014 (ai)
Composer's website: www.godziemba-trytek.pl


e-mail: szymon_godziemba@interia.pl


Chochoły for chamber ensemble (2008)
Symbolum Nicenum for soprano, 2 choirs and symphony orchestra (2008)
Parce Domine for mixed choir (2009)
Salomon for mixed choir and organ (2009)
Missa Brevis for mixed choir (2009)
Rascal for clarinet and piano (2009)
Gawk for clarinet solo (2010)
David's Song for countertenor and chamber ensemble (2010)
Doctrina bona dabit for mixed choir (2010)
Buttons for alto and piano (2010)
Suite for soprano and chamber orchestra (2010)

Dies Irae for soloists, female choir and orchestra *


Lux aeternam for soloists, female choir and orchestra *

Symphony of Light for 3 choirs and orchestra (2011)
Si ascendero in caelum for soloists, choir and chamber orchestra (2011)
Al-chimija for prepared clarinet (2011)
Little Suite for soprano and symphony orchestra (2011)
Quo abiit dilectus tuus for soprano and mixed choir (2011)
O vos omnes for mixed choir (2012)
Salve Regina for choir and strings (2012)
Canticum Canticorum for soprano, reciter, choir and chamber orchestra (2012)
Beati for mixed choir (2012)
Ecce lignum crucis for mixed choir (2012)
Evolutione for percussion (2012)
Frammenti for chamber ensemble (2012)
Zawrat for boys' choir (2012)
Little Kashubian Suite for mixed (2012)
Heaven for vocal ensemble, 2 violins and oboe (2012)
Miserere Mei Deus, miserere mei for mixed choir (2013)
Situazioni for orchestra (2013)
Contemplation of one’s man martyrdom for woodwind quintet (2013)
Tre Epizodi for orchestra (2013)
Agnus Dei for mixed choir (2013)
Little Kashubian Suite for female choir (2013)
My Father for mixed choir (2014)
Contemplation of one`s man martyrdom II for soprano saxophone and organ (2014)
Vietnam for vocal ensemble (2014)
Laudate pueri for mixed choir and organ (2014)
Etnos for choir, piano, ethnic instruments and percussion (2014)

Nox praecessit per coro misto a cappella *

Nox praecessit for female choir a cappella (2014)
O vos omnes for female choir a cappella (2015)
Beatus vir for mixed choir a cappella (2015)
Magnificat for soloists, flutes, percussion and strings (2015)
The Mystery of Fith for mixed choir (2015)
A Wanderer's Song for children's choir (2015)
Hodie scietis quia veniet Dominus for white voice, small instruments and mixed choir  (2016)
Si sumpsero pinnas for mixed choir (2016)
Forest Songs for solo voices, 3 female choirs, white voice, hurdy-gurdy, piano and percussion (2016)
Pinocchio, musical for soloists, children's choir and orchestra (2016)
Contemplatio for viola and piano (2016)
Crux Christi salva nos for countertenor, bass-baritone, mixed choir, percussion, horns and double basses (2017)
Sub tuum praesidium for mixed choir a cappella  (2017)