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Jolanta Stępień (d. Markowska),

composer and teacher; b. 15th June 1955 in Łódź. She graduated from the State Higher School of Music in Łódź in music theory under the supervision of Franciszek Wesołowski (1978) and in composition under Bronisław Kazimierz Przybylski (1980). She is also a graduate of the Pedagogical College in music theory (1977). In 1979-2002 she actively participated in many workshops and seminars on instrumental composition, electronic music, ear training and piano improvisation. In 1997-99 she took a course under the supervision of Michał Talma-Sutt and Jacek Partyka at the Electronic Music Computer Studio of the Grażyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Łódź. She has also consulted her work with such composers as Lars Gunnar-Bodin (Sweden), Szabolcs Esztenyi and Marian Borkowski.

As a composer, she examines the possibilities of organizing sound material and musical form towards minimal music. She is looking for new solutions in the field of musical expression and shaping of orchestral material. She writes symphonic, instrumental, chamber and choral music. Her works are performed at contemporary music concerts, locally in Łódź, most often as part of the "Musica Moderna" sessions organised by the Academy of Music in Łódź. She also composes pedagogical works, which are incorporated in the teaching programmes of music schools and obligatory programmes of national piano and accordion competitions for children and youth.

In addition to composing, she is also active as a teacher. In the years 1976-2011 she taught piano improvisation and introduction to composition and she was an accompanist at the Henryk Wieniawski Primary and Secondary Music School in Łódź. Her pedagogical interests include influencing the musical development of children and youth through creative activities and searching for a new teaching system that uses the achievements of 20th and 21st century music.

In 1980-85 she worked intensively on social and organisational development of young composers’ movement. She was a chairwoman of the Polish Composers' Union Youth Circle (1981-83) and a Board Member of the Łódź Branch of the “Jeunesses Musicales de Pologne” Polish Music Youth Association (1980-85).

She was awarded the Silver Cross of Merit of the President of the Republic of Poland (2005) and the Gold Medal of Merit of the Republic of Poland (2011) for her pedagogical work.

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Spacer małych jeżyków for reed trio
Piosenka pszczółek for reed trio
A piece for piano left hand (1972)
Invention for flute and viola (1973)
Song "Gardeners" to words by Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz for soprano and piano (1973)
New Sequence, cycle of 7 pieces for piano [version I] (1974)
Variations I for piano (1974-1975)
Flowers Motifs, triptych for piano (1975)
Akwatyki for strings and wind instruments (1975)
Etude for piano left hand (1975)
Invention [2] for flute, viola and cello (1975)
Sonata for piano (1975)
Variations II - Small Variations for piano (1975)
Invention [3] for flute, viola and cello (1975)
Invention [4] for flute, viola, bassoon and percussion (1975)
Fluctuations for string quartet (1976)
Penetrations for wind quintet (1976)
Melorecitations for mezzo-soprano, violin, viola, cello and piano (1977)
Scherzo for solo clarinet and symphony orchestra (1977)
Dialogues for 2 string groups, percussion and wind instruments (1978)
Fluctuations [2] for string quartet (1978)
Penetrations [2] for wind quintet (1978)
Gregorian Impressions for 15 wind instruments (1978-1979)
Sonoristic Etude for 3 percussionists (1979)
Concerto for three chamber orchestras (1980)
Mouvement for flute and string quartet (1980)
About the Three Merry Dwarfs, musical fairy tale for 4 children soloists (including a reciter), children's and youth choir and orchestra (1980)
Psalmodium for flute, mandoline, guitar and harp (1980)
Christmas Eve Psalms for mezzo-soprano, reciter, chamber mixed choir and instrumental ensemble (1980)
Trio 80 for violin, piano and percussion (1980)
Three Caprices and One Lyrical Interlude for double bass (1980)
Impressions for baritone, viola and piano (1983)
Etude Concertante for orchestra (1984)
A Prayer, poem for baritone and piano (1985)
Postludium for accordion and percussion (1985)
Arabesque for 3 percussionists (1985)
NOcturne for violin, accordion and guitar (1995)
RP or a Summer Bee Show, musical fairy tale for children (1995)
String Quartet No. 1 (1997)
Pieces for oboe, clarinet and bassoon (1997)
Czanga for tape (1998)
A Folk Lullaby for string trio (1998)
Planeta na zapiecku, cycle of 12 pieces for reed trio (1999)
Ksebka for violin duo (1999)
Under the Little Enchanted Toadstool for violin duo (2000)
Triptych (Aria, Villanella, Katanga) for flute, harp and 3 percussionists (2001)
"Blue Wild Strawberry" Thematic Variations, cycle of 8 pieces for clarinet (or soprano saxophone) and piano (2001)
Dancing Little Leaves for violin duo and percussion (2002)
Jogging Music, cycle of 4 pieces for flute and accordion for children (2002)
...a bird; no one's own 2 songs for voice and piano (2002)
Wiatraki/ Mobile/ Roszada/ Out for movement and piano (2002-2003)
Little Variations, cycle of 5 pieces for piano solo (2003)
Variations "Journeys...", cycle of 7 pieces for piano solo for children (2003)
Little Chestnut Horses for violin duo and percussion ensemble (2005)
A Very Unhealthy Owl, cycle of 3 pieces for piano solo for children (2005)
Deum Exquisivi for mixed choir a cappella (2005)
Clamavi for mixed choir a cappella (2005)
Bear Song for violin duo (2005)
Sketches for two instrumental groups (2005)
In memoriam Jan Paweł II for string quartet (2006)
String Quartet No. 2 (2007)
Etarrea 9 for symphony orchestra (2007)
Burlesque for saxophone and piano (2008)
In High, song for mixed choir a cappella (2009)
hey march, april, may for voice and piano (2011)
New Sequence, cycle of 7 pieces for piano [version II] (2012-13)