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Błażej Dowlasz,
composer and pianist; b. 29th May 1978 in Łódź. He studied at the Academy of Music in Katowice (1997-99), later moved to Weimar to study piano (1999-2002) and electroacoustic music composition (2002-2007) at the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt. In Weimar he worked as an assistant at the Studio for Electro-Acoustic Music, where he supported students, helped to plan and establish the studio, and supervised its technical aspects and equipment. He also organised concerts and other cultural events, and worked on the academic project "Liszthaus".
In 2008 Błażej Dowlasz received a grant from the Turing Foundation. In 2012 he was a composer-in-residence at the Visby International Centre for Composers (VICC) and Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) in Stockholm.
He composes mostly classical electroacoustic music and sound art, as well as actively participates in interdisciplinary projects that combine different art forms and technologies. Pprofessional, contemporary musical context, auditive sensitivity, and non-compromising devotion to the phenomenon of sound are typical features of his works.
Even though he mainly focuses on composing, studio production, and concerts of his own electroacoustic pieces, Błażej Dowlasz performs also works by other composers. He works as a curator, promotor, and producer of contemporary music. He founded and now serves as a member of the Board of eaSoundArt e.V.
Since 1999 he has been living and working in Germany.

updated: May 2014 (mkk, ai)

Artist’s website: www.dowlasz.com


dialoge for organ and piano (2003)
kommunikation acousmatic music (2003)
fauxpas for marimba and piano (2003)
wellen for piano, cello and two violins (2003)
der kühlschrank acousmatic music (2004)
die nächste unschuld acousmatic music (2004)
encoded pulses acousmatic music (2004)
interaktionen II for piano and viola (2004)
interaktion for piano and viola (2004)
unsichtbar acousmatic music (2004)
streichoktett for string quartet and electronics (2004)
kalt acousmatic music (2004)
interaktion VII for flute, piano and cello (2004)
a morph for two violins, viola, cello, piano, flute and electronics (2005)
interaktion IV for flute and electronics (2005)
a poly for string quartet and electronics (2005)
6 klangbilder for 12 instruments and electronics (2006)
interaktion VI for flute, piano, cello and violin (2006)
interaktion IX for piano and electronics (2006)
raumszenen for orchestra and electronics (2006)
macro instruction for flute, cello, violin, piano and electronics (2006)
intersection for violin, viola and cello (2006)
interludium for violin, viola, cello, organ and electronics (2006)
economy of space acousmatic music (2007)
dual for flute and cello (2007)
rem for piano, flute, cello and electronics (2007)
translokation for piano, flute, cello and electronics (2007)
zeitraum for flute, cello, piano, harp, string quartet and electronics (2007)
blick acousmatic music (2007)
imaginaer acousmatic music (2007)
interlace 2 for double bass,accordion, percussion and electronics (2007)
leise for piano (2007)
taste for piano (2007)
interlace for viola, accordion, percussion and electronics (2007)
streichquintett for two violins, viola, cello and electronics (2007)
impressionen for piano (2008)
verstimmt for piano and electronics (2008)
crossfade for organ, piano and electronics (2008)
imagination sound installation, 7-channel audio (2009)
illuminate acousmatic music (2009)
soundscape DE 2008 acousmatic music (2009)
contact acousmatic music (2010)
bruch acousmatic music (2010)
si acousmatic music (2010)
impulse for flute, percussion and electronics (2010)
a little acousmatic music (2010)
coding acousmatic music (2011)
cycle acousmatic music (2011)
lost thoughts acousmatic music (2011)
enclose acousmatic music (2011)
sounding air acousmatic music (2011)
visby acousmatic music (2012)
MM60 for viola, accordion and percussion (2012)
the acousmatic piano for piano and electronics (2013)