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Hubert Zemler,

percussionist and composer; b. 8th September 1980 in Warsaw. In 1999-2004 he studied percussion with Prof. Edward Iwicki at the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw.

As a percussionist he has given concerts in Europe, the United States, Turkey, the Near East (Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon), as well as Korea and Japan. He has won awards in international competitions: the Grand Prix with Galaxy ensemble at the Jazz-on-the-Oder Festival (1999), the Grand Prix with Jan Smoczyński Trio and an individual award at the Jazz Juniors Festival (2000), and the bronze medal at the Delphic Games in South Korea (category: solo percussion) in 2009.

Hubert Zemler’s repertoire includes music by 20th- and 21st-century composers: AIR by Helmut Lachenmann (performed at the opening concert of the 2015 Warsaw Autumn with the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice conducted by Alexander Liebreich), Music for 18 Musicians by Steve Reich (Zemler took part in the Polish premiere of this work), as well as compositions by Tadeusz Wielecki, Tomasz Sikorski, Zdzisław Piernik, Cornelius Cardew and Arturas Bumšteinas.

Simultaneously with his classical academic studies and work with symphony orchestras (the Teatr Wielki – National Opera Orchestra, Sinfonia Varsovia), Hubert Zemler played in jazz ensembles, learning techniques of improvisation and experimental music. At present he is one of the best known percussionists in the Polish improvised, experimental and free jazz music scene. He performs on one stage with representatives of various musical styles, such as jazz, world music, rock, blues, and improvised music.

He is a member of Warsaw-based independent scene ensembles: Piętnastka (with Piotr Kurek), Slalom (with Bartosz Weber and Bartłomiej Tyciński), Shy Albatross (with Raphael Rogiński and Natalia Przybysz), LAM jazz trio (with Wacław Zimpel, and Krzysztof Dys), and the Pilokatabaza duo (with Paweł Szpura). He takes part in numerous projects exploring the borderline areas between contemporary music and improvisation. He also gives concerts as a soloist, performing his own works as well as improvisations.

He  has worked with such artists as, among others: Evan Ziporyn, Gyan Riley, Agustí Fernández, John Tilbury, Felix Kubin, Reinaldo Ceballo, Kwadrofonik ensemble, Mitch & Mitch, Kamil Szuszkiewicz, Raphael Rogiński, Wacław Zimpel, and the Mud Cavaliers collective.

Hubert Zemler’s solo repertoire has been released on 2 CDs: Moped (LADO ABC, 2011) and Gostak & Doshes (Bołt Records, 2014).

updated: October 2015 (wa)


Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire for percussion (2011)
Two Left Legs for percussion (2011)
Night on Cwil Hill for percussion (2011)
Übung macht den Meister for percussion (2011)
Mr Kupiński on the Moon for percussion (2011)
Chronosynclastic Infundibule for jazz ensemble (2012)
Gostak And Doshes, suite for 1 percussionist (2014)
Music for the film Moloch, dir. by Szymon Kapeniak (2015)
Music for the film O wilkach w dole, dir. by Martin Rath (2016)
Music for the film Dzień czekolady, dir. by Jacek Piotr Bławut  (2018)
Music for animation Królewski sen (2018)
Music for the film Eastern, dir. by Piotr Adamski (2019)
Music for the film Kamień, dir. by Bartosz Kozera (2020)
Music for the film Victoria, dir. by Karolina Porcari (2022)
Music for the film Siostra, dir. by Katarzyna Krystyna Pieróg (2022)


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Bronisław Szałański Tria - Open Fly Records (2004)
Dominik Bukowski & Projektor - Allegro Records (2005)
Horny Trees - Kilogram Records (2007)
Wojciech Staroniewicz Alternations - Allegro Records (2008)
Marcin Olak Trio Simple Joy - 4Ever music (2008)
Namanga - Zdzisław Piernik plays compositions of Piotr Zabrodzki - Vivo Records (2008)
Ritmodelia It's not Batucada (2009)
Horny Trees Branches of Dirty Delight - Lado ABC (2009)
Incarnations Radio Retro - Kayax (2010)
Natu Gram Duszy - Mystic Production (2010)
Agnieszka Szczepaniak Ale Szopka - Polskie Radio [Polish Radio] (2011)
Neurasja - Unzipped Fly Records (2011)
Hubert Zemler Moped - Lado ABC (2011)
Arturas Bumsteinas Three Sixteenes - Con-V (2012)
Maja Kleszcz & Incarnations Odeon - Kayax (2012)
Marcin Olak Trio Crossing Borders - Luna Music (2012)
Frozen Bird Terry's Tale - Karrot Kommando (2012)
Babadag - Lado ABC (2012)
Wacław Zimpel To Tu Orchestra Nature Moves - For Tune (2014)
Hubert Zemler Gostak & Doshes - Bołt Records (2014)
Natalia Przybysz Prąd - Pomaton (2014)
Kamil Szuszkiewicz Istina - Wounded Knife (2015)
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Shy Albatross Woman Blue - Pomaton (2016)
LAM Wacław Zimpel, Krzysztof Dys, Hubert Zemler - Instant Classic (2016)
Hubert Zemler Pupation of Dissonance - Bołt Records (2016)
Mitch & Mitch & Kassin Visitantes Nordestinos - Lado ABC (2017)
Monika Borzym Jestem Przestrzeń - Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego (2017)
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Felix Kubin Takt der Arbeit - Editions Mego (2017)
Melatony - MC, Pawlacz Perski (2017)
Mateusz Franczak Night, Night - Too Many Fireworks Records (2018)
Hubert Zemler Outlines. Groove 8. - Outlines (2018)
Szabolcs Esztenyi/Hubert Zemler Kreatura - LP, Bołt Records (2018)
Ewa Liebchen Electric Sheep - CD, Bołt Records (2018)
Musiquette A: Terry Riley „In C” - CD, Bołt Records (2018)
Debashish Bhattacharya, Wojtek Traczyk, Hubert Zemler Joy! Guru - CD, Unzipped Fly (2018)
Babadag Šulinys - AKW Karrot Kommando (2019)
Perfect Son Cast - Sub Pop (2019)
Mitch & Mitch with their Incredible Combo Frisco Moods - Lado ABC (2019)
ZEMITER - Supported by LADO ABC (2019)
PORTRETY V.A - U Know Me Records (2019)
Opla Obertasy - ERSATZ002 (2019)
Kuba Krzewiński INCORPORATE - Bołt Records DVD (2019)
Birthday Party – Polish Radio Experimental Studio - Bołt Records (2019)
Maja Kleszcz Osiecka De Luxe - Mystic Production (2019)
CEL – Felix Kubin & Hubert Zemler CEL - Bureau B (2020)
DIOMEDE feat. Hubert Zemler Przyśpiewki - Audio Cave (2020)
Resina Vampire: The Masquerade – Shadows of New York Soundtrack - Mute Song Ltd (2020)
Ewa Liebchen Good Night - Bołt Records (2020)
Magneto Requiem pour Satana - Gustaff Records (2021)
Emil Miszk, Miłosz Pękala, Jerzy Rogiewicz, Kuba Sokołowski, Hubert Zemler JAGD - T.A.L – New World Order (2021)
MIRT Burial Rituals of Ilé​-​Ifẹ̀ (2021)
Wojtek Mazolewski Yugen - Agora (2021)