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Jarosław Siwiński,

composer and pianist, b. 9th June 1964 in Warsaw. He studied piano with Kazimierz Gierżod (1983-88) and composition with Włodzimierz Kotoński (1988-94) at the Academy of Music in Warsaw. He developed his abilities at workshops for composers conducted by Hanna Kulenty, Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, Michael Nyman, Louis Andriessen, and Tristan Murail.

As a pianist and composer, he has taken part in such festivals as: the ISCM World Music Days, the “Warsaw Autumn” International Festival of Contemporary Music, the “Poznań Music Spring” Festival of Polish Contemporary Music, and the “Musica Polonica Nova” Festival of Polish Contemporary Music in Wrocław.

He has won numerous awards in competitions for composers: in 1997 – 3rd prize for Schyzia for string quartet in the International Competition for Jazz Composers in Słupsk and 1st prize in the Competition for the City of Rzeszów’s Anthem; in 1998 – 2nd prize for Speaking Clock for prepared piano, drums, speaking clock and an audience of children in the International Competition for Composers “Music and Play” in Poznań; in 2011 – 3rd prize for What’s To Be Heard in an Old Shed for piano in a composer competition held as part of the “Mikołaj’s Music-Making” H.M. Górecki Music Festival in Rydułtowy. He received scholarships from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, the Capital City of Warsaw, and ZAiKS Polish Society of Authors and Composers.

As a member of MM Group, he co-created projects combining theatre, music and visual arts. He has collaborated with Eugeniusz Rudnik, Fryderyk Rzewski, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Orchest De Ereprijs, the Viktor Lois / Yin Peet duo, Azorro Group, and many others. He composed the anthem of Rzeszów, as well as music for cartoons (by Jan Lenica, Daniel Szczechura, Marcin Giżycki, Agnieszka Skolik, Tomasz Kozak, and others), the theatre and computer games. For many years he has collaborated with the Children’s Art Centre in Poznań, for which he has composed more than a dozen pieces, many of which actively involve the young audience in the performance.

A CD dedicated exclusively to his works was released by the Polish Composers’ Union / Polish Music Information Centre (in co-operation with the Polish Radio and with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage) in 2013 as part of the “Polish Music Today – Portraits of Contemporary Polish Composers”

Updated: April 2014

The composer’s websites: www.siwinski.art.pl, www.soundcloud.com/jaroslaw-siwinski 


E-mail: jaroslaw.siwinski@interia.pl


The Misty Eye of the Earthworm for amplified piccolo flute and 2 percussions (1989)
The Perception of Music is a Complex Process, Not Totally Clear for tape, piano and violin (1990)
Home Songs for voice and piano (1991)
Souline for flute solo or accompanied by a keyboard instrument (synthesiser or piano) (1992)
Pianerecerto for piano and instrumental ensemble (1994)
What Pianists Dream About for piano (two performers) (1995)
Dominotales for piano, percussion, showman and children’s audience (1996-97)
Schyzia for string quartet (1997)
Missa Brevis for soprano, mixed choir and organ (1998)
Speaking Clock for prepared piano, percussion, speaking clock and children’s audience (1998)
Bebop for tape (2002)
Locomotive for tape (2003)
ID #1 for four absent performers (2003)
That Starlit Night for tape (2005)
Movement for symphony orchestra (2006)
A-Play-or-Not-a-Play for woodwind quartet, screens and children’s audience (2009)
Vocalisia na for piano, four voices and children’s audience (2010)
Annalena for baritone and string orchestra (2011)
What’s To Be Heard in an Old Shed for piano (2011)
Mazurka 1, Mazurka 2 for chamber ensemble (2012)
Four Preludes for Audio Dramas for synthesiser and double bass (2012)
Sestetto for chamber ensemble (2013)
Sonata in G Minor for two pianos and two percussions (2013)
Variations and Changelings for chamber ensemble, video and children’s audience (2013)
The Other Side Turned Out to Be for soprano and chamber ensemble (2014)
Via caelestis for chamber ensemble (2014)
Cutout for tape (2014)
Timecode for chamber ensemble and tape (2015)
Toccata for violin and piano (2015)
Industrial Music for ensemble of traditional Chinese instruments (2015)
Food Items for woodwind quartet and tape (2015)
HubTub for tuba and ensemble (2016)
Jeżeli for soprano, string quartet and MIDI piano (2016)
Silent Fish, a microopera for children (2016)
A Tale from a Shallow Sea for chamber ensemble (2017)
Ornithology for soprano and chamber orchestra (2017)
Dźwiękosceny for ladder and various other objects (2017)
Three Colored Figures for 2 flutes and organ (2018)
Imaginary Waltzes for MIDI piano (2019)