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Aleksandra Gryka,
composer; b.17th May 1977 in Warsaw. She started piano lessons at the age of 6, later studied at the Karol Kurpiński Primary School of Music in Warsaw (1985-90) and the Fryderyk Chopin Secondary School of Music in Warsaw under Jaśmina Strzelecka, which she completed in 1997 with a diploma with honours (top note in improvisation and an award for performances in the school and in other venues). In the years 1998-2003 she studied composition with Krystyna Moszumańska-Nazar and Magdalena Długosz at the Academy of Music in Krakow, graduating with honours. In 2000 she took part in the IRCAM/ACANTHES composition courses in Paris held under the auspices of centres for new music in Krakow and Helsinki, while in 2001 she participated in courses for composers in Buckow (Germany). In 2002 she took part in summer workshops of composers in Reichenau (Austria) and between September and December she was an exchange student at the Central Washington University. In the 2002/2003 academic year she received a scholarship granted by the Polish Minister of Culture in recognition of her academic achievements.
In 2000 Aleksandra Gryka won the 1st prize at the EuroArtMeeting Composition Competition in Wrocław for High3bbingNor. for symphony orchestra (2000); in 2003 and 2006 she was nominated for the Polityka’s "Passport" award in the classical music category; in 2004 she received the Award of the Christoph und Stephan Kaske-Stiftung (electroacoustic music); in 2006 she was nominated for a TVP Kultura Award, and in 2009 - for Public Media Award “Cogito” for Youmec.
Gryka's works have been performed in Poland and abroad (Germany, the Netherlands, France, the UK, Luxembourg, the USA, Italy, Ukraine), during such festivals as International Festival of Contemporary Music “Warsaw Autumn” (since 2001) and "Scarum Profanum" in Krakow (since 2011), as well as concerts of well-recognised contemporary music ensembles such as Berlin-based Novoflot (since 2004), Kwartludium (since 2001), Nonstrom (since 2005), an_ARCHE new music ensemble (since 2008), Asasello string quartet (since 2009), and Kwadrofonik (since 2014). Gryka's compositions are also part of the repertoire performed by harpsichordist Gośka Isphording.
Since 2005 she has been writing music for theatres in Warsaw, Wrocław, Toruń, Częstochowa, Koszalin, Szczecin, Zielona Góra, Łódź, and Krakow. In 2012 she won a prize at the 12th Festival of Contemporary Dramatic Art "Rzeczywistość Przedstawiona" ("Constructed Reality") in Zabrze for music to Trash Story (directed by M. Libera, Lubuski Theatre).
Her operas and ballets have been staged by Teatr Wielki - Polish National Opera since 2006. Since 2011 she has been collaborating with dancer Dominika Knapik.

updated: November 2014 (ai)


For D.for piano solo (1999)
LIEN-AL for cello, harpsichord and accordion (2000)
High3bbingNor. for symphony orchestra (2000)
Interioryzacion for computer (2000)
OXYGEN nr.369,1 for tape and piano (2001)
NonStopping center for harpsichord solo (2001)
(1”)exists as…(-1”) for flute, accordion, piano, 3 percussions and cello (2001)
Project ien for tape, video and dancer (2002)
JaIchIJe for string quartet and marimba (2002)
Interialcell for instrumental ensemble (2003)
Alpha Kryonia XE ballet (2003)
eSU for tape and video elements (2004)
konstrunity 0100 for 12 voices (2004)
Tii for soprano and instrumental ensemble from opera saga Komander Kobayashi (2004-2005)
ambeoidal MTOCSs for clarinet, marimba, piano, violin, tape and video (2005)
NTvacou for for contrabass recorder, harpsichord, violin and cello (2006)
SCREAM YOU, opera from the Kommander Kobayashi II project (2006)
Youmec for harpsichord and tape (2006)
{FFO.NO.}e for cello (2007)
BAe 146 OY-CRG.Sylar for instrumental ensemble (2007)
NEI for violin, tape and video (2008)
SCREEM QUEEN opera, developed in collaboration with NOVOFLOT (2008)
t.Aamiper for orchestra, trumpet solo and electronics (2009)
The LighetM for string quartet (2009)
Erschöpfung opera, developed in collaboration with NOVOFLOT (2010)
Glück opera, developed in collaboration with NOVOFLOT (2011)
einerjedeneither for orchestra (2011)
observerobserver for Paetzold flute, double-bass flute and video (2012)
10,12,13,-31 for string quartet (2012)
das Schloss opera, developed in collaboration with NOVOFLOT (2013)
Der Sieg Uber die Sonne opera, developed in collaboration with NOVOFLOT (2013)
A.CELLfalserator for 2 pianos (2013)
W.ALTER’s(Z) for mezzosoprano, 2 pianos, 2percussionists and electronics (2014)
|H_He| for choir, multipercussion and electronics (2014)
mutedisorder quartet for clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, piano and percussion instruments (2015)
emptyloop for string quartet (2020)
PLASTIC for electronics/samples (2021)