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Piotr Grella-Możejko,

composer, literary scholar, essayist, reviewer, translator; also professional graphic artist and pianist. Born on 15 March 1961 in Bytom, Poland. In 1989 settled in Canada. Grella-Możejko holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Alberta for his dissertation on Tadeusz Peiper, Poland's leading avant-garde writer and theorist, chiefly active between World Wars (1918-1939); an M.Mus. in Composition from the same university, where he studied with Alfred Fisher, Henry Klumpenhouwer and the late Christopher Lewis; and an M.A. degree in Political Sciences from the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland. He also studied composition privately with the late Prof. Edward Bogusławski and Prof. Bogusław Schaeffer. In 1994, Grella-Mozejko was the only Canadian selected to participate in the prestigious "June in Buffalo" Festival and Conference, where he attended lectures by and master classes with Milton Babbitt, Donald Erb, David Felder, Lukas Foss, Roger Reynolds, and Charles Wuorinen.
In 1997, he won the Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association (AMPIA) Award in Musical Score/Composer category (Black Angels by Cynthia Wells). Other prizes and awards include the All-Polish Composers' Competition in Łódź, Poland (1985, aennea for guitar solo); the All-Polish Composers' Competition in Kraków, Poland (1988, Motet for six vocal soloists), and The Pierre Boulez Canadian Composers Competition in Halifax, Nova Scotia (1991, Horror vacui - triptych for strings named by Pierre Boulez in third place). Grella-Możejko is also recipient of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Doctoral Fellowship (2000-2002) as well as the University of Alberta Beryl Barns Award, Walter H Johns Fellowship, Andrew Stewart Memorial Graduate Prize, Marie Louise Imrie Graduate Award and, in 2004, professional development grant awarded by The Canada Council for the Arts.
Described by the German press as demonstrating "uncompromising honesty" («Neue Zeitschrift für Musik»), praised for his unorthodox aesthetics («Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung»), and whose work is called "brawny, high-contrast… full of rich counterpoint and compelling textural changes" («The New York Times»), "strikingly individual" («The Toronto Star»), and "wonderful-sounding" («The Buffalo News»), Grella-Mozejko has written on commissions from, among others, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, The Canada Council for the Arts, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canadian Polish Congress, Edmonton Arts Council/Clifford E. Lee Fund, International Conversatorium of Organ Music, Polish Ministry of Culture and Art, as well as Polish Radio, Canadian Music Centre, and The Flanders Festival.
His orchestral, chamber and electroacoustic music as well as his visual works have been presented in twenty-nine countries in centres such as Antwerp, Athens, Bangkok, Basel, Berlin, Bilbao, Dublin, Geneva, Kaunas, Kraków, London, Los Angeles, Lausanne, Ljubljana, Łódź, Mexico City, Montréal, New York, Ottawa, Paris, Prague, Princeton, St. Petersburg, Seoul, Sydney, Toronto, Turin, Utrecht, Vancouver, Vienna, Warsaw, Wrocław, and Zürich.
His work in multimedia has gained international recognition, as have his soundtracks. Grella-Mozejko has worked with a number of critically acclaimed filmmakers and video artists, including Renata Mikos (Poland), Cynthia Wells, Jeremy Rittwage, Christopher Payne, and Lindsay McIntyre (all Canada).
In 2006 founded, and has since performed with, Ensemble Mujirushi, an interdisciplinary collective featuring Canada’s leading New Music. A “supergroup” («The Edmonton Journal»), which specialises in incorporating live electronics and interactive video into its performances, the Ensemble had its first European tour in November 2009, appearing at the prestigious «Audio Art» festival in Kraków, Poland. Another tour, this time in Canada, followed in October 2010, taking the ensemble to Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Thunder Bay, Kitchener-Waterloo, Toronto, and Montréal.
Focussing on the relationships between sound, text and image, Grella-Mozejko has published in major scholarly and popular periodicals in Canada, Europe, and the UK, including the «Canadian Slavonic Papers», «Contemporary Music Review», «MusicWorks», «The Alberta New Music & Arts Review», to mention just a few. Between 2009 and 2011, until the publication’s closure, he covered Canada’s music and arts scene for Edmonton’s weekly, «SEE Magazine». Since 2009, he hosts his own show, «Tonus Vivus – Avant-garde and Beyond», on CJSR Radio in Edmonton, available worldwide on the Internet www.cjsr.com.

(May 2012)

The composer’s own internet site: www.mozejko.org


Autumn Prelude for flute, clarinet, and viola (1976)
WEBERNotturno for piano (1976)
Four Preludes for woodwind quartet (1977/81)
Complex Simple Rhythms for string trio (1978)
Melodrama I for solo violin (1981)
Melodrama II for vibraphone and alto saxophone (or flute or trumpet) (1981, 1991)
hypotheosis for nine optional realisers (1982)
erotogramma - supplement (sonic background for any traditional piece) for 1-4 performers (1982)
Q for clarinet and alto saxophone with optional percussion (1982, 1983)
coloratura for Dr. K. for solo bassoon (1983)
Melodrama IV for bass clarinet (1983)
XONNOX for 1-2 pianos (1983)
minimum-optimum-maximum for musicians and/or voices (1983)
in abstracto for 1-4 optional performers (1983)
surreum graphic score for actor (1983)
creatio ex nihilo for optional realisers-composers (1983)
aagyn for one performer for tenor saxophone and piano (1983, 1987)
the first february the last january for 1-4 optional melodic instruments and 1-2 keyboard instruments (1983, 1989)
Melodrama V for piano (1983, 1989)
zapada zmrok [It Is Dusk] (Giacinto Scelsi in memoriam) for optional melodic instruments and piano (1983-88)
aa69/coloratura for Dennis Prime for solo basset-horn (1983-93)
composizione-monoproiezione per pianoforte (1983-95)
Palestriniana for organ (1984)
HYMN for soprano, trombone, vibraphone, piano & contrabass (1984)
a'ROMA for 1-5 optional instruments (1984)
music for nobody for performer(s) who know(s) nothing about instrument(s) (1984)
GeÑalles A for solo & group (1984)
Erika - typewritten minimusic for optional realisers-composers (1984)
compilage #1 for soprano & four instruments or for any instruments (1984)
face music for mime & optional musicians or for video screens & optional musicians (1984)
MOMENT of oblivion? instrumental theatre piece for two performers (1984)
o'dY for optional players (1984)
aennea for guitar (1985)
GeÑalles B for group & solo (1985)
nAAn (never play ordinario) for optional performers (1985)
Action drawing for Neue Wilde performers (1985)
METROPOLIS for jazzman, avant-garde performer & accompaniment (1985)
Memories of Arnold (S.) recomposition for high & low voice(s) and/or instrument(s) (1985)
a'n...n'a for trumpet and organ (1985)
ravenna for harpsichord (1985-87)
OBOEnergy (MariusAZIONI) for 1-12 oboes, English horns, oboes d'amore, bass oboes (1986)
left hand band for left-handed performers (1986)
Ordines (Jorge Luis Borges in memoriam) Sonata for organ solo (1988)
Motet for six vocal soloists (1988)
HAENNA for string sextet (1989)
experimento #1 for solo performer on four different string instruments (1989)
WOW! (Is My Cat a Rock'n'Roller?) for electronic sounds (1990)
micro/macro - concerto for twelve strings (1990, 1995)
Orion (Music for Franz K.) for 1-5 saxophones or 1-5 optional woodwinds and live electronics (1991)
Epitaph for Jerzy for tape (1991)
The Dreams of Odysseus ballet music for electronic sounds (1991-92)
coloratura for Charles/disco(n)notation for baritone saxophone & electronics (1992)
Sacrae symphoniae (Christopher Lewis in memoriam) for organ (1992-2000)
Horngardens (Music for Norval Morrisseau) for saxophone quartet (1992-93)
Kyrie for English horn, bass clarinet, bassoon, horn and cello * (1993)
Contra tempus for orchestra * (1994)
metaSonata for alto saxophone and piano (1994)
Ground for flute, clarinet, vibraphone, piano, violin and cello (1994)
Due pezzi for organ (1994-95)
Streams of a Dream - String Quartet No. 1 * (1995)
...noc bezkresna, noc bezsenna... [Endless and Sleepless Night] for flute, clarinet, vibraphone, piano, violin and 'cello (1995)
horyzont zapomnienia [Horizon of Forgetfulness] - 1st Piano Sonata (1995)
Finale for chamber choir (1995)
Monumentum (Józef Koffler in memoriam) for chamber orchestra * (1996)
...river to the ocean... for clarinet and string quartet (1996)
dreamtide for clarinet, violin and marimba (1996)
Time is a River without Banks (coloratura after Marc Chagall) for alto saxophone solo and live electronics ad libitum (1996)
mare tenebrarum (Bolesław Szabelski in memoriam – Piano Sonata No. 2) (1996-2000)
maze, haze, mist, daze for flute orchestra (1997)
Doppelgänger (...mein Holzspiel...) for woodwind ensemble (1997)
takussunsittuq for two pianos and two percussions (1997)
Euphonia (Tomasz Sikorski in memoriam) for string orchestra (or string quartet or saxophone quartet) * (1997, 2001)
...dans l'ombre du jardin oublie... for saxophone quartet (1998)
Numen for violin and piano (other versions: for flute, oboe, alto saxophone, viola, cello, double-bass) (1998)
Chiaroscuro for bass/contra-bass clarinet and soundtrack (1998)
ove 'l mar non ha vanto for violin and piano (1999)
muziek voor van Zoelen (coloratura) for bass saxophone solo & live electronics ad lib. (1999)
ChaconnEncore for alto saxophone solo (1999)
Five Prairie Meditations for orchestra (1999)
Kinneret for alto flute and vibraphone (1999, 2012)
The Secret Garden (Music for Agnieszka Holland) – String Quartet No. 2 (1999-2002)
...where the night awakens... for two pianos and two percussions (2000)
Walzer (Joseph Matthias Hauer in memoriam) for solo piano (2000)
Moon down (for Boudewijn Buckinx) for violin and piano (other versions: for flute, clarinet, alto saxophone) (2000/02)
Anya's Dream for alto saxophone and piano (2001)
Voces intimae (Music for David Roxburgh) for flute, clarinet, piano and string quartet (2001)
Lachrymae (in memory of September 11, 2001) for solo organ (2001)
Ave verum corpus for mixed choir (2001)
Largo (Omaggio a Johann Sebastian) for violin (or flute or clarinet or soprano saxophone) and piano (or organ) (2002)
epitaphios threnos - double concerto for violin, viola and string orchestra (2003)
In memoriam Edward Bogusławski - concerto for organ and string orchestra (2004)
Organigami (Music for Aysha) for flute and piano (2004)
Palomar 1a: after Calvino (coloratura) for (bass) clarinet and live electronics ad libitum (2004)
Cinq études sur la tonalité for piano (2004)
Nachtkadenz five concert pieces for flute and four woodwinds (2004)
Three Nocturnal Postludes for organ (2004/5)
Grit Grey Sky for mixed choir (2005)
Notturno for violin and strings or for violin and piano (2005)
Nach(t)gejagd - Piano Sonata No. 3 (2005)
...a Portmanteau of Shaddowes and Chimeras... (coloratura after Peter Ackroyd) for flute solo and live electronics ad libitum (2005)
Three Nocturnal Postludes for alto saxophone and string trio (2005)
Grit Grey Sky for mixed choir (2005)
Four Lines (Farewell Music for Michael J. Baker) for saxophone quartet (2006)
Dream Daemon - concerto for saxophone and chamber orchestra (2006)
TrancePaining (Black Wings Has My Angel) - String Quartet No. 3 (2007)
Mrok for alto saxophone and piano (2007)
Rondeau for optional instruments (2008)
Les Espaces du temps - Piano Sonata No. 4 (2008)
...only Midnight... for two pianos (2009)
Silver Wound for oboe or soprano saxophone and guitar (2009)
Τάρταρος I for digitally processed sounds (2009)
BergKR/an/EIS für Baßflöte und Orgel (2009)
dream gardens for mezzo, 1-4 melodic and 1-2 keyboard instruments (2009)
Balcetis for computer soundtrack and amplified baritone saxophone (2009)
Del Brocco for 1-6 melodic instruments and 1 keyboard instrument (and/or computer soundtrack) (2009)
Darg I (Katharina Henot) for computer soundtrack (2009)
Darg II (Katharina Kepler) for computer soundtrack and 1-4 improvisers (2009)
WIDDERSHINS (le monde merveilleux du Marquis de Sade) for amplified saxophone quartet (live electronics ad libitum) and computer soundtrack (2009)
Stolte for alto saxophone, signal processing and computer soundtrack (2010)
an'nol for computer soundtrack, amplified trumpet and live electronics ad libitum (2010)
Sparnaaij for computer soundtrack and amplified bass clarinet (2010)
Princess of Athens for computer soundtrack and amplified flute (2010)
Tombeau sur la mort de Monsieur Górecki for amplified alto flute and small orchestra (2010)
Nolan for computer soundtrack and amplified tenor saxophone (2010/2011)
Αχέρων (Acheron) for flute, string quartet, electronics, computer soundtrack and interactive video (2011)
Simoum for clarinet in A alone (2011)
… about to dawn … (in memoriam Bronislaw Kazimierz Przybylski) for piano trio (2011)
Trop for flute and organ (2011)
soletto/soave/soffocato (Donald Erb in memoriam) for clarinet, violin and piano (2011)
Sommernachtslied für eine junge Schülerin for optional melodic instrument (2011)
Darg III (Katharina Paldauf) for computer soundtrack (2011)
Struna srebra for flute piccolo and changing delay (2011)
Queen of Patra for computer soundtrack and amplified bass flute (2011)
Hector Fiore for computer soundtrack (2011)
Xρόνοστάσις (Theodore Antoniou at 77) for woodwind quintet (2012)
Τάρταρος II for digitally processed sounds (2012)
Τάρταρος III for digitally processed sounds (2012)
IWONAriette for flute solo (2012)
Τάρταρος IV for digitally processed sounds (2012)


Epitaph for Jerzy for tape: A BEAMS Compilation [cassette, no catalogue number] (1992)
Orion (music for Franz K.) for changing saxophone and signal processing: ECCSLive [cassette, ECCS CS 93001] (1993)
aa69/coloratura for Dennis Prime for basset horn: Northern Arch/Arc du Nord, Arktos 94 001 CD (1994)
Due pezzi for organ: soundland alberta - le pays sonore, Clef Records CR 96001-2 (1996)
composizione-monoproiezione for piano: Brief Confessions Brèves, CLEF Records CR 97002-2 (1997)
dreamtide for clarinet, violin and marimba: Glossa, CLEF Records CR 99003-2 (1999)
coloratura for Charles/disco(n)notation for baritone saxophone and electronics: The New Polish Music Panorama Vol. V, Acte Préalable AP0014 (1999)
Strumienie snu for string quartet: Stringtime - Canadian Chamber Music, Eclectra ECCD-2050 (2001)
the first february the last january, version for changing saxophone and two pianos: 9 Visions - Chamber Music from Canada and Poland, CLEF Records 02004-2 (2002)
Lachrymæ (In Memory of September 11, 2001) for organ: Acclamations - Canadian Organ Music, Eclectra ECCD-2063 (2003)
Moon down (for Boudewijn Buckinx) version for flute and piano: Isabelle Schnöller - Interpretenportrait, zeitklang ez-15013 (2003)
mare tenebrarum (Boleslaw Szabelski in memoriam) - Piano Sonata #2: Visions of Nothingness (in memory of David Roxburgh), CLEF Records CR 02005-2 (2004)
Numen for bass clarinet and organ: The Weather Inside - New Music for Clarinet, Eclectra ECCD-2071 (2005)
zapada zmrok (Giacinto Scelsi in memoriam) for chamber ensemble: RainDances - Canadian Chamber Music, CLEF Records 05007-2 (2006)
metaSonata for alto saxophone and piano: WestWind - Canadian Music for Saxophone, Eclectra ECCD-2076 (2007)
maze, haze, mist, daze for flute orchestra: 8 Pieces for 8 - Canadian Works for Flute Ensemble, CML Productions CD 103 (2007)
...river to the ocean... for clarinet quintet: Le livre des mélancolies, ATMA Classique ACD2 2552 (2007)
Palestriniana for organ: In the Pipes - Music for Pipe Organ by Alberta Composers, Arktos 200795/96 (2007)
WOW! (Is My Cat a Rock'n'Roller?) for electronic sounds: Cult Figures - Electroacoustic Music from Canada, Centrediscs CMC CD 13908 (2008)
Numen version for flute and piano: New Music North - First Recording, New Music North WRC8-8071 (2008)
The Secret Garden (Music for Agnieszka Holland) - String Quartet No. 2: Launch Pad - New Canadian Works for the Penderecki String Quartet, Centrediscs CMC CD 13308 (2008)
Organigami (Music for Aysha) version for violin and piano: Devil's Dance: The Warszynski Trio, CLEF Records 09008-2 (2009)
Numen and Moon down (for Boudewijn Buckinx), versions for alto saxophone and piano: Soul Mates, Claves CD 111 (2011)

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