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Anna Jędrzejewska,

composer, pianist, interdisciplinary artist, improviser, director, movie editor; b. 27th February 1971 in Wrocław. In 1992-97 she studied composition with Bogusław Schaeffer at the Academy of Music in Kraków. She participated in composition courses under the direction of Włodzimierz Kotoński, Marek Chołoniewski, Lidia Zielińska, Matthias Herman, Adam Kaczyński, Krzysztof Knittel and Włodzimierz Kiniorski. She also studied multimedia sculpture with Antoni Porczak at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. In 2009, she graduated in film directing and editing from the Academy of Film and Television in Warsaw.

Anna Jędrzejewska received the 3rd prize for Pater Noster for mixed choir a cappella (1998) at the "Gaude Mater" Sacred Music Competition in Częstochowa in 1998, and two honorable mentions at the Tadeusz Baird Competition for Young Composers: in 2002 for emotion-s for instrumental ensemble and tape (2002), and in 2004 for Rhizm for violin, cello and piano (2003).

Anna Jędrzejewska has authored and taken part in projects such as installations and multimedia performances in Poland and abroad, among others at the Warsaw Autumn, Mózg Festival and Audio Art Festival. With Teatr Performer, an improvised theatre with live vocal and instrumental music, she  performed at the Jazz Jamboree in Warsaw, Feta festival in Gdańsk, Malta Festival in Poznań as well as the events of the “Kraków 2000” project. Since 1997, she collaborates with Robert Jędrzejewski as a duo of improvising composers called Saluluekip. The team creates multimedia projects combining video, electronics and improvisation (Video Score 1, Video Score 2, Energy Resonance). Their works were commissioned in the "Composing Commissions" programme run by the Institut of Music and Dance. She is also the author of documentaries about contemporary artists (My Dad is a Sculpture, A Woman’s Voice, Intuitiva).

Jędrzejewska is one of the most technology-oriented Polish artists. Her projects may be described as intuitive art based on improvisation and interaction with the public, in which she combines music, multimedia, and electronics. Her compositions explore such issues as the energy of form and sound, which she sees as a consequence of openness to the unknown, new, and unpredictable. She is the author of Mindful Improvisation – an exercise in intuitive music that combines music and psychology and explores areas of perception, concentration and intuition.

Since 2019, Jędrzejewska is the president of the Teatr Performer Association. She is the organiser of the Intuitive Arts Festival "Intuitiva" in Lubiąż near Wrocław and "Fortalicje" in Zamość. She also co-organized the New Art Conference together with Denmark’s Intuitive Music.

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W bieli rozedrgana for trumpet, piano, tape, sound processing and woman reciter (1993)
A Lizard, multimedia performance for two actresses, string trio and synthesizer (1994)
In Memory of a Cantor, performance for three acotrs, violin and synthesizer (1994)
Parle le Neant for instrumental ensemble and live electronics (1995)
Indian Summer for soprans, oboe, cello, percussion and piano (1995)
String Quartet (1995)
Toccata for harpsichord and cello (1995)
Darkness for instrumental ensemble (1996)
Mass for 7-voice choir, organ and instrumental ensemble (1997)
Pater Noster for mixed choir a capella (1998)
Le seurs de charite for oboe solo and instrumental ensemble (1998)
Elementaries for harpsichord and tape (2001)
5 for 3 for cello, piano and tape (2001)
emotion-s for instrumental ensemble and tape (2002)
Scatty for recorder and harpsichord (2002)
Rhizm for violin, cello and piano (2003)
Password for orchestra (2003)
Video Score, performance [with Robert Jędrzejewski] (2004-2010)
A song for a bird for instrumental ensmeble (2005)
Meadow, music to performance based on Bolesław Leśmian poems [Teatr Performer] (2007)
Video Score 2 performance [with Robert Jędrzejewski] (2011-2012)
Energy Resonance, improvised multimedia performance for any set of instruments [with z Robert Jędrzejewski] (2013-2014)
Space Improvisation, project  (2016)
Cognitive Recycling for piano (2018)
Hommage a Bogusław Schaeffer, performance [with Paweł Dudziński] (2019)
Cognitive Entanglement for piano, tenor saxophone and electronics [with Jędrzej Łagodziński] (2019)
Video Score 3 for saxophone, piano and electronics (2019)
Video Score "Schaefferiada” for 5 performers of "Muzyka Centrum Ensemble" (2019)