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Bolesław Błaszczyk,

cellist; b. 29th May 1969 in Warsaw. In 1992 he graduated in musicology from the Academy of Catholic Theology in Warsaw and in 1995 in cello performance from the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw in the class of prof. Wojciech Walasek. In 1992 he won the Grand Prix at the chamber music competition at the American Conservatory in Fontainebleau.

In the 1980s, he performed at the 'OutControl' and 'Carrot' festivals and co-founded the 'Zakręt' section at the Riviera-Remont club in Warsaw. He arranged and composed for his own groups (997, Cheesecake Murdered Soon Illegal, Legendary Teeth) and for the bands Dezerter, Cukor Bila Smert, Kryzys, Świetliki, and Komuna Otwock. In the early 1990's, he arranged punk music for cello and piano, which he presented at the Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw at the concert Fresh Fruits for Rotting Vegetables. As a chamber musician he performed at the "Warsaw Autumn" festival. At that time, he co-created the multimedia MM Group, which performed works of instrumental theater, including J.Cage, M. Kagel, S. Bussotti, B. Schaeffer, L. Ciuciura, T. Sikorski. In 1994–2000 he was a member of the Philharmonia of the Nations, an international orchestra founded by Leonard Bernstein and Justus Frantz. In the years 1997–2001 he was a cellist of the Polish Radio Orchestra.

Since 2000, Błaszczyk has been playing the cello in the comedy string quartet Grupa MoCarta, also known as The Moz’Art Group. In 2010 the ensemble was awarded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for services to Polish culture. They presented their art in 40 countries of the world, including at the two World Exhibitions in Aichi (2005) and Saragossa (2008), and in the cycle of 65 performances at the Paris Theater Bobino in the 2018/19 season. In 2019 the ensemble was nominated for the national theatre award of France "Les Molières".

Błaszczyk also plays the cello and keyboard in The Intuition Orchestra. As an improviser, he has performed with, among others, Grażyna Auguścik, Artur Dutkiewicz, Włodzimierz Kiniorski, Krzysztof Knittel, Marcin Krzyżanowski, Jacek Malicki, Zdzisław Piernik, Dominik Strycharski, Tadeusz Sudnik, Simon Thorne, Tadeusz Wielecki. Błaszczyk collaborated with Marcin Świetlicki and Maciej "Magura" Góralski in reinterpreting texts of independent culture.

He catalogued the archives of Eugeniusz Rudnik, Bohdan Mazurek and Andrzej Bieżan. He also studied the works by Andrzej Markowski, Bogusław Schaeffer and Tomasz Sikorski. For the BÓŁT Records, he has substantively developed and produced a dozen or so albums with music of Polish and European artists cooperating with the Experimental Studio of Polish Radio, incl. Homo ludens with the works of Krzysztof Penderecki and Eugeniusz Rudnik. Since 2003 he publishes and promotes the achievements of SEPR. He worked at the Center for the History of Polish Radio Broadcasting, whose activity was suspended in 2006. In 2008 he directed a short docuementary about Eugeniusz Rudnik entitled Gienia, help! (Gieniu, ratuj!). A year layer, on his initiative, the Polish Radio released a four-disc premiere edition of Eugeniusz Rudnik's works. In 2009 he sat on the jury of the Media Festival "Man in Danger" at the Cinematography Museum in Łódź. In 2014, in collaboration with the National Centre for Culture and the Requiem Records, he published the ERdada album with Rudnik's music for tape. In 2014, he prepared a technical and conceptual spatial presentation of Rudnik's Vox humana for the exhibition 'Space Calls' at the 'Zachęta' National Gallery of Art. In 2015 he collaborated on the four-disc edition of Rudnik's Miniatures. In 2017, during the "Warsaw Autumn" festival, he collaborated on the production and multimedia presentation of Natalia Babińska's ERdada. A fairy tale about Eugeniusz Rudnik. Together with Rudnik, Błaszczyk composed the works: Epilogos (premiered during the Musica Electronica Nova festival), Elektrowyzwoliny, and Johna pamięci rapsod żałobny. He produced and premiered the late works of Rudnik in Beijing, Paris and Oslo. In 2017 he took part in the conference on the 60th anniversary of the Experimental Studio of Polish Radio at the Art Museum in Łódź.

Błaszczyk successively develops and popularizes the work of Andrzej Bieżan (1945-1983). He took part in the annual “Hommage a Bieżan” festival, organised by the Galeria XX1 in Warsaw and the Mazowiecki Institute of Culture, several times. In 2014 at the Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, together with Jacek Malicki, he performed Andrzej Bieżan's Atmosphere, a composition that the composer himself had performed and recorded for the Polish Radio 40 years earlier, in the company of Malicki. In 2018, Błaszczyk co-created the programme of the series of concerts devoted to Bieżan at the "Warsaw Autumn" Festival. He also performed at the festival with his own homage to the composition Tam i tutaj for cello and film projection.

In 2018 he collaborated with the National Centre for Culture and Requiem Records on the release of the album with the premiere recording of Bogusław Schaeffer's Monodram, a radio opera written in 1968.

In 2019 he collaborated with the Polish Radio and the Requiem Records on the release of the album Maszyny, containing previously unknown compositions by Eugeniusz Rudnik. Błaszczyk presented contemporary music in galleries, including those originating from PRES, including Zachęta, Kordegarda, Królikarnia, and Komuna Warszawa. In the years 2009-2013 he ran the Otwock office / gallery. In Warsaw's Królikarnia he co-created the "W brzask" concert series – performing and playing new music at 4 a.m. In 2013, on the commission of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, he developed the bibliography and discography of PRES. Since 1994, he has published articles in Studio, Ruch Muzyczny, Glissando, Hi-Fi and music, Notebook for 6 weeks, Yearbook. From the history of Polish radio broadcasting, Muzykoteka, Presto.

Błaszczyk cooperates with the Natioanl Centre for Culture and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in the field of presenting Polish contemporary music.

In 2018 he co-created the contents of the exhibition 'Through the Soundproof Curtain' at the Zentrum fur Kunst und Medien in Karlsruhe, where he was a visiting curator. In 2019 his essays were included in the first academic publication devoted to the achievements of the Polish Radio Experimental Studio: The Sonic Art Of Polish Radio Experimental Studio (Kehrer, Heidelberg).

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