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Paweł Łukaszewski,

composer, b. 19th September 1968 in Częstochowa, son of the composer Wojciech Łukaszewski; he graduated from the State Secondary Music School in Częstochowa (certificate with honours, 1987), and the F. Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw after cello studies with prof. Andrzej Wróbel (1987-1992) and composition studies with prof. Marian Borkowski (1991-1995, a first honours degree). He completed a postgraduate study in the School for Managers of Culture at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (diploma in 1994) and the Postgraduate Study for Choirmasters at Bydgoszcz Music Academy (diploma with distinction in 1996). He took part in Computer Music Courses in Warsaw (1992), Courses for Young Composers in Kazimierz Dolny (1992, 1993), the Summer Courses of Contemporary Music in Cracow (1993, prof. B. Schaeffer), and Course of Computer Music Graphics in Warsaw (1993-95).

An active organiser of music life, Paweł Łukaszewski has held many functions: since 1992, he has been President of the“Musica Sacra” Association; in 1992-1993, he was the secretary of PCU Youth Circle; in 1992-2002 President of the Society for Sacred Music Lovers, in 1995-2013 – Secretary of the Board in the “Laboratory of Contemporary Music” Association in Białystok. He is a member of PCU and ZAiKS Authors’ Association. He is a member of the artistic committees of many festivals, incl. The International Festival of Sacred Music “Gaude Mater” in Częstochowa. He sits on the jury of competitions for composers in Arezzo, Rimini, Moscow, Bucharest, Malta and in Poland (in Katowice, Bydgoszcz, Legnica, Warszawa, Poznań, Częstochowa, incl. The Competition for Young Composers “Musica Sacra”, of which he was the initiator and organiser). He is the director of the “Musica Sacra” chamber choir. In 2001, he was editor-in-chief of the “Muzyka21” music monthly. He is director and first conductor of “Musica Sacra” Chamber Choir (from 1999).

P. Łukaszewski’s works have been performed in Belarus, Belgium, Canada (5th Edmonton New Music Festival), Chile, China, the Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany (“Unerhörtemusik” Festival in Berlin), Iceland, Israel, Italy (Festival Internazionale di Musica Contemporanea "Musica Viva” in Rome), South Korea, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Moldova, Monaco, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, the USA, the Vatican, and in Poland during festivals: of Sacred Music “Gaude Mater” in Częstochowa, “Forum of Young Composers” in Cracow, “Music in Old Cracow”, “Wratislavia Cantans”, “Laboratory of Contemporary Music” in Białystok, “Warsaw Music Encounters”, “Legnica Cantat”, “Conversatorium of Organ Music” in Legnica, „ Ryszard Bukowski Music Days” in Wrocław, "Warsaw Autumn" International Festival of Contemporary Music

His works have been recorded on more than 110 CD albums under such labels as (a.o)  Acte Préalable, Polskie Nagrania Edition, DUX, MTJ. He was won many times the prestigeous Fryderyk award: in 2005, as the conductor of the "Musica Sacra" Choir in the cathegory "Album of the Year. Vocal Music" for the 3-CD album Włodek Pawlik: Misterium Stabat MaterBrahms & MendelssohnArcydzieła muzyki chóralnej; in 2008 as a composer in the cathegory jako kompozytor w kategorii "Album of the Year. Symphonic nad Concerto Music" for his CD Sacred music; in 2012 in the cathegories "Album of the Year. Choir an Oratorio Music" for Łukaszewski & Bembinow: Kolędy i pastorałki oraz "Album of the Year. Contemporary Music" for New Polish Music for Choir; in 2013 – in the cathegory "Artist of the Year"; in 2015 – w kategorii "Album of the Year. Chamber Music"  for Paweł Łukaszewski. Musica Sacra 5; win2016 – w kategoriach  "Album of the Year. Choir, Oratorio and Opera Music" fof DVD Musica caelestis and "Album of the Year. Contemporary Music" for DVD Symphony for Providence; in 2017 - in the cathegory "Album of the Year. Chamber Music" for Musica Profana 1 CD and in the cathegory oraz w kategorii "Album of the Year. Contemporary Music" for the CD Paweł Łukaszewski. 4th Symphony – Symphony on the Mercy of God. 

He has held scholarships from: the Office of the City of Częstochowa (1993), ZAiKS (1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003), Prof. Bogdan Suchodolski Foundation in Warsaw (1995), Fund for the Promotion of Artistic Creation at the Ministry of Cuture and Art (1996), The Capital City of Warsaw (2010).

He is the winner of numerous awards and distinctions in competitions for composers: 1988 – 1st prize in a competition in Łomża and an honorable mention in the Competition of the Academic Congregation in Cracow for a religious work in Cracow for Prayer for mixed unaccompanied choir ; 1994 – 2nd prize at the 2nd Forum for Young Composers in Cracow for Winterreise, an honorable mention in the T. Baird Competition for Young Composers in Warsaw for Arrampicata for orchestra (1992), and the 1st prize in; 1995 – 1st prize of the “Orfeo” - Bogusław Kaczyński Foundation at the F. Chopin Music Academy Competition in Warsaw – also for Arrampicata; 1996 – an honorable mention in the F. Nowowiejski Competition for Composers in Warsaw and 2nd prize in the 5th A. Didur Competition for Composers in Sanok for Recordationes de Christo moriendo for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra (1996); 1998 – 2nd prize in the 27th International Florilege Vocal de Tours Competition in France for Two Lenten Motets for mixed unaccompanied choir (1995); 2003 – two 3rd prizes (joint winners) in the “Pro Arte” Competition for Composers in Wrocław.

He has also received: in 1995 – President of the City of Częstochowa Award for compositions and their artistic maturity; 1998 – Medal of Merit and the Award of the Chancellor of the Baltic Higher School of Humanities in Koszalin; 1998 – the Honorary Order of Merit to the Koszain Province; 1998 – Cavalier’s Cross of the Polonia Restituta Order; Saint Albert Prize (2006), the bronze Medal for Merit to Culture – Gloria Artis (2011), The Primate of Poland Award (2011), Pro Masovia medal (2014), Orphee d’Or (2014), Jerzy Kurczewski award (2015), Feniks award (2017), Saint Michał Sopoćko award (2017).

He was visiting professor of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaiso, Chile, Universidad de Playa Ancha, Valparaiso, Chile, Universidad de Chile, Santiago de Chile, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago de Chile (2003).

He is on the faculty of the F. Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw (as assistant lecturer since 1996, reader since 2001; Director of the Counterpoint Study at the Composition Dept. since 2002. In 2000 he got a doctorate in composition, since 2014, he has been Professor of musical arts. Since 2016, he has been a Deputy Vice Chancellor for Scholarly Affairs of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music.

updated: November 2017 (wa), May 2018 (iz)

The composer’s internet site: www.lukaszewski.org.uk



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Water-Colours for piano (1984-86)
Six Pieces to words by Polish poets for mixed choir (1988-94)
In My Fatherland, two songs for male voice and piano (1989-2000)
Two Preludes for piano (1989-92)
Litany I – to the Madonna of Treblinka for mezzo-soprano, mixed choir, 2 trumpets, bells and organ (1990)
Capriccio for P.P. per violino solo * (1991)
Quasi sonata per clarinetto e pianoforte (1991)
One Week in London for tape (1992)
Arrampicata per orchestra (1992)
Three Songs for mezzo-soprano and piano * (1992)
Le jeux de l’amour et du hasard for tape (1992)
The Carols for mixed unaccompanied choir (1992-2001)
The Dusk for tape (1993)
Aragena for soprano, cello and electronic transformations * (1993)
Eight Songs for Children for children’s choir in unison (or solo voice) and piano (1993)
Winterreise per orchestra ad archi * (1993)
Sacred Works for mixed unaccompanied choir (1993-2003)
Stabat Mater a tre gruppi di cori femminili (1994)
Dominum benedicite in aeternum... per ottoni, batteria e coro misto (1994)
String Quartet No. 1 * (1994)
Two Lenten Motets per coro misto a cappella (1995)
Vesperae pro defunctis per coro gregoriano, due cori misti, organo piccolo, organo grande ed orchestra (1995)
The Raven’s Bath for three-part children’s choir (1995-2002)
Antiphone for mixed unaccompanied choir * (1995-99)
Warsaw Wind for mixed choir (1996)
Concerto for organ and string orchestra (1996)
Recordationes de Christo moriendo for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra (1996)
Beatus vir for mixed choir (1996-2007)
Gaudium et spes for soprano, mixed choir and orchestra (1997)
Concerto for String Orchestra “Bronisław Huberman in memoriam” (1997)
Missa pro Patria for soprano, mezzo-soprano, mixed choir, percussion and brass orchestra (1997)
Antiophonae for women’s choir (1997-2004)
Carols for women’s unaccompanied choir (1998-2001)
Souvenir I for organ (1999)
Souvenir II for piano (1999)
Jesu Christi prostrationes for mixed choir (1999)
Via crucis for counter-tenor, tenor, baritone, reciting voice, mixed choir and orchestra (2000)
String Quartet No. 2 (2000)
Two Christmas Motets for women’s choir (2000)
Litany II – to St. Clement [1st version] for solo soprano, mixed choir and string orchestra (2001-2002)
Litany II – to St. Clement [2nd version] for solo soprano, mixed choir and organ (2001-2002)
Three Orthodox Prayers for women’s choir (2001-2003)
Stage for piano (2002)
Hommage à Edith Stein for mixed choir (2002)
Haiku for soprano and piano (2002)
Elogium – to Those Murdered in Katyń for baritone, cello (or bassoon), bells and string orchestra (2002-2005)
Ave maris stella for mixed choir (2003)
Psalmus 102 for mixed choir (2003)
Moai for solo flute (2003)
Litany III – to the Martyrs of Międzyrzecz for soprano, violin, mixed choir and string orchestra (2003)
Exsultet for soprano, mezzo-soprano, women’s choir and orchestra (2003)
Gloria Gentis – Beatus vir Zygmunt Szczęsny-Feliński for women’s choir (2003)
Salvete flores Martyrum for two women’s choirs, two pianos and percussion (2004)
String Quartet No. 3 (2004)
Messa per voci e fiati (2004)
Pearl of Wisdom for 2 pianos (2005)
Magnificat for cello and mixed choir (2005)
Concerto for String Orchestra (2006)
Divertimento for chamber orchestra (2006)
Trinity concerto for orchestra (2006)
Magnificat and Nunc dimittis for saxophones, percussion, mixed choirs and strings (2007)
Terra nova et caelum novum [1st version] for mixed choir and strings  (2007)
Nunc dimittis for mixed choir (2007)
Terra nova et caelum novum [2nd version] for mixed choir (2007)
Concertino for piano and brass (2007)
Un cadeau for celesta, marimbaphone, harpsichord, piano and organ (2007)
Souvenir III for marimbaphone (2007)
Souvenir IV for harpsichord (2007)
Souvenir V for celesta (2007)
Et expecto resurrectionem mortuorum for soprano, mezzosoprano, baritone, mixed choir and orchestra (2008)
Miserere for soprano, mixed choir and orchestra (2008)
Two funeral psalms for mixed choir (2008)
Genome for string orchestra (2008)
Piano Concerto (2008)
Utopia for orchestra (2008)
Piano Trio (2008)
Sacerdos et Pontifex [1st versionI] for mixed choir, little organ and large organ (2008)
Sacerdos et Pontifex [2nd versionI] for mixed choir and organ (2008)
Małe concertino No. 1 for cello and piano * (2008)
Laudate Dominum for female choir and organ (2009)
Five funeral Kurpie songs [1st version] na chór mieszany (2009)
Salve Regina for 2 mixed choirs (2009)
Adagietto for large string orchestra (2009)
Concertino for Organ and Brass (2009)
3rd Symphony – Symphony of Angels for soprano, choir and orchestra (2010)
Missa de Maria a Magdala for soprano, baritone, choir, organ and orchestra * (2010)
Luctus Mariae for soprano, mezzosoprano, harpsichord and string orchestra (2010)
Five funeral Kurpie songs [2nd version] na chór mieszany and orchestra (2010)
Cena Domini for mixed choir (2010)
Responsoria Tenebrae for 6 male voices (2010)
Icon for organ (2010)
Two Sonnets after the Death for baritone and piano (2010)
Little Concertino No. 2 for cello and piano * (2010)
Vesperae pro defunctis for baritone, mixed choir, organ and orchestra (2011)
Motette for mixed choir (2011)
Lamentationes for mixed choir (2011)
Ave Maria, gratia plena for female choir and string quartet (2011)
Lenten music for 6 saxophones (2011)
Resurrectio for mezzosoprano, tenor, baritone, mixed choir and orchestra (2012)
Prayer to the Guardian Angel for mixed choir with Chinese balls and harp (2012)
Deus misereatur nostri for choir (2012)
Three Orthodox Prayers for mixed choir (2012)
Advent Music for string orchestra (2012)
Luctus Mariae for soprano and organ (2012)
Daylight declines for choir (2013)
Oratio pro adventus for choir (2013)
Idiom for flute and organ (2013)
Lux aeterna for choir and instrumental ensemble (2013)
Piano Quintet (2013)
Requiem for soprano, bass, choir and orchestra (2013-2014)
5th Symphony - Symphonie concertante for piano and orchestra (2013-2016)
The Hidden Truth, 3 songs after Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz for soprano and piano (2013-2016)
Cantate Domino for choir (2014)
Ego sum pastor bonus for choir (2014)
Weary with toil - Shakespeare's Sonnet XXVII for vocal sextet (2015)
Hosanna for mixed choir and organ (2015)
Missa brevis for SSA choir, bells and organ or for SSA choir, bells and chamber ensemble  (2015)
Like as the waves - Shakespeare's Sonnet LX for choir (2015)
Rosary prayer for mixed choir (2015)
Veni Sancte Spiritus for 2 mixed choirs (2015)
4th Symphony - Symphony on the Mercy of God for soloists, children choir, mixed choir and symphony orchestra (2016)
De caritate for oboe, piano, mixed choir and strings (2016)
Ubi caritas na chór (2016)
Passing - 2 songs after Halina Poświatowska for baritone and piano (2016)
Accordion Concerto (2017)
Neopolis Concerto (2017)
Lullaby for flute nad harp (2017)
Wind Quartet (2017)
Wings Concerto for 2 flutes and orchestra  (2017)
Conjugation, songs for soprano and piano (2017)
Anima Christi for choir (2018)
Te Deum Polonia, oratorio (2018)
Seven last words of Christ, for two SATB choirs and cello (2018)

literatura wybrana

Łukaszewski Marcin Tadeusz Łukaszewski Paweł in: Almanach Kompozytorów Akademii Muzycznej im. F. Chopina w Warszawie, t. I [Book of Composers from the F. Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw], Akademia Muzyczna w Warszawie, Warszawa 2004